Give yourself a gift

In the week before Christmas, a friend and I decided to put all four of our kids in the local leisure centre crèche for an hour and a half. We went for a swim, sat in the jacuzzi and had our first coherent conversation in months.

We had time to dry off without chasing our kids round waving underpants in the nude. We even blow-dried our hair. In the five minutes left, we managed to squeeze in a quick latte - sat down, drunk hot, with no concern for small people’s grabby hands. We ordered lunch for the littluns and picked them up again, refreshed and ready to gorge on sandwich boxes. No cooking. No mess. No stress.

It cost £10 for the crèche, £4 for the swim, and £2 for the coffee. Not cheap, but not so expensive we couldn’t do it again some time if we plan ahead. It was the best £16 that I have spent in AGES. Because it was so rare. And because it made us both feel amazing.

It isn’t often that we make time for ourselves as mums, and a small treat can make a huge difference. I felt like more than a mum. I felt like I was looking after myself. I felt like that hour and a half was three hours long.  And I really looked forward to seeing my kids again at the end of it.

You deserve to feel like that too. Feed your Cookie Mumster.