Fill your Fridge Magnet

What positive thought would you most like to remember daily? What words or images would put a swing in another mum's step and a smile on their face? Make a magnet, stick it on your fridge and stick it up here.


There are all sorts of ways to make a fridge magnet, so just have a go at whichever way suits you best.

An easy-peasy approach is to buy a cheap magnet and stick your message over the top of that. Or you can cut a piece of card, stick on your images and words, and cover it with PVA glue or even clear nail varnish, sticking a small magnet on the back when that dries.

You can also get fancy and buy magnetic paper that sticks straight to the fridge. Then you simply have to print or stick your design direct onto the very clever paper. If you have access to a laminating machine, you could even laminate it. Ooh get you.

But if you've only got five minutes and you want to stick your message on the fridge with blu-tack, tape, or chewing gum, we don't mind.

Once you've made your magnet, take a picture and click on 'join in' to upload the image onto the site.

Our very first fridge magnets were developed with the lovely Tori Cannel and Platform 51.  

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