Feel-Good Fortune Teller

Make a Feel-Good Fortune Teller with Story of MumRemember making fortune tellers as a child...?

Well we're reinventing the cootchie-catcher as a feel-good friend to lift your mood.  (If you can't remember how to make one, click on read more below for a quick video).

On the outside, write four things that always cheer you up when you're down...

Then inside, write eight different emotions you might feel on a bad day. For each, share a piece of advice you'd give a friend who felt like that.

When you're done, share a photo of the inside and the outside with us below, so we can feel good too! You can click on a fortune teller below to read the contents...

Join us on Wednesday 10 September from 8.30 - 10pm UK time for our #somum Make Date on twitter where we'll be making them together!


Watch the video below or follow these simple (?!) instructions to make your own Feel-Good Fortune Teller...

You need a square of paper...

Fold it in half to make a triangle.

Open it up and fold it the opposite way to make a triangle again.

Open it up and you should have two creases that give you a middle point.

Make a Feel-Good Fortune Teller with Story of Mum

Fold each corner of the paper in towards the middle point, (making another smaller square).

Turn your paper over, and do the same again (making an even smaller square)

Fold this in half, making a rectangle.

Pop the thumb and forefinger of each hand under the open flaps on either side (close to the outside edge), pinch your fingers together, push them up gently to bring the outer sides into the middle and open it all up, and you have a fortune-teller!

(If that makes no sense at all, watch the video below...)

To decorate your fortune teller, open it out and...

Make a Feel-Good Fortune Teller with Story of MumOn the outside corners, write four things that always make you feel good (here, I put the sea, dance, a big hug, and chocolate...)

Within the triangle folds next to these, write eight feelings you might have when you are feeling down (you can see I put lazy, unworthy, lonely mean, wrong, fat, ugly, stupid... you can put whichever emotions more resonate for you...)

Below each of these, write what you would say to a friend you told you they were feeling that way. (For example, under 'lazy' I put "It's OK to stop, to rest. Life is in the moments we breathe into...")

You could pretty it up with colours, drawings, painting, or keep it plain and simple, whatever makes you feel good.

Then fold it back up and open it up whenever you need it...