Feed your Cookie Mumster

Mums need nurturing too. You need cookies.


Make a paper fortune cookie and fill it with a gift to yourself. It doesn't need to cost the earth, it just needs to feed your soul. Save your cookie until the moment you most need it, then open it up, read your message to yourself and do what it says.


It's much easier than you think. Just watch the short video below from a rather serious schoolmarm to see how to make a paper fortune cookie. And if you need an idea, here's a post about a treat I made for myself earlier.



Choose your paper and fold yourself a treat. The hardest bit is coming up with the right gift to yourself. What could you give yourself that would make you feel great? You do deserve it. Write that idea down on a slim strip of paper and put it inside your paper cookie.

Take a photo, click on 'join in' above and upload your photo - for the title, write that gift you are going to give yourself.

Whenever you want to, open up that cookie and feed that deserving Cookie Mumster. Don't wait too long, you don't want that gift to go stale.

And remember, you can make yourself as many cookies as you want. You can also make them for friends who need a treat...

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