Essential reading for new mamas!

Essential reading for new mamas!

This month's #somum Make Date was a bundle of joy! Mamas of all ages reminiscing about our new mama experiences and sharing our very best tips for new mamas - it's inspirational stuff!

You can read some of the #somum Make Date highlights in the storify below.

The New Arrival - Sarah and Amy BeesonBig thanks to our lovely co-hosts Amy and Sarah Beeson (co-writers of fabulous memoir, The New Arrival) and Catherine Redfern (creator of the New Mama Welcome Pack).

And of course THANK YOU to all the amazing inspiring funny honest brave brilliant mamas who joined in. There are already some fantastic New Mama Mantra's in the gallery - have a peek!

AND you can still enter to win an amazing New Mama Welcome Pack worth £89 (see below) if you share your own New Mama Mantra in the gallery this month (find all the rules at the bottom of this post).

It really is a wonderful thing to make - for yourself, and for new mamas who need the inspiration, so take a few well-deserved minutes to yourself and have a go...!

If you haven't already, you'll need to join Story of Mum to load up your photo, but that's quick - and we're brilliant!

Not only will you get to do something brilliant, you'll also be joining a FREE community to let go of Bad Mummy guilt, boost your confidence, take a gloss-free look at motherhood, and carve out vital time for YOU. And you'll get some free gold star Mamas' Reward Charts ;)

Our next #somum Make Date will be Wednesday 14 May, same time, same place.

Enjoy the storify below and see you there!

New Mama Welcome Pack

The New Mama Welcome Pack

I'm thrilled to be a part of this brilliant project as it's exactly what I wish I had had in those difficult early days of motherhood - support and inspriation from over 60 amazing women (including me!) to face the realities of motherhood, delivered over those first 3 challenging wonderful months.

If you know a new mama, do think about getting this amazing pack for her as a gift (and if you use this link, we get a contribution to support Story of Mum too. Thank you!)