Embarrassing Mum, by Prymface

Embarrassing Mum, by Prymface

Having my son at 17 and not growing any taller than 5 foot has meant that people often have difficulties getting their head around the fact that I am in fact my son's mother! This has lead to countless occasions where other, rather embarrassing, assumptions have been made...

There was the time when we had not long moved into our new house and my partner was chatting to the new neighbour. My son had no shoes on so I gave him a piggy back out the house and the neighbour looked over at us and then apologised to my partner for keeping 'his kids' up! (My partner never did get round to correcting the neighbour either, which may explain some of the strange looks!)

There was also the time I walked my son's best friend home, who was about 12 at the time, and as we passed the park there were chants of "who's your new girlfriend!", which we both awkwardly pretended we couldn't hear!

Then recently I went to my sons post-16 options evening at school, and, when I asked to look at the UCAS book, they asked if it was for myself! And then of course, maybe inevitably now that I have a handsome 16 year old son, there was the slight moment of hesitation when a new work colleague looked at my photo of him on my desk and slowly asked "..Is that your ...boy...f..", "SON" I shouted over her....(Not who was most embarrassed!)

Still, I guess as soon as the "you look far too young to be a mother" comments stop I'll only start to miss them. And for that reason I will hold my head up high and take them all as compliments, whether they are meant that way or not!