Embarrassing Mum, by Kat A Pillar

Embarrassing Mum, by Kat A Pillar

When you look back at your childhood are there moments that stand out as being highly embarrassing? I mean ground opening, horrifyingly embarrassing? Yeah? Me too!

I love my Mum to bits, she is amazing and has fought off the "C" word twice!! Being a teenager, she could be THE MOST devastatingly embarrassing woman EVER! Not through her appearance, as she always looked like all the other Mums. It was the things she said that seemed massively crushing and her timing was always perfect for maximum effect. It ranges from the slightly awkward "You'll have to go now, it's dinner time." bellowed at my friends to the disclosure of very personal information to various family members and friends.

Three incidences stand out the most, all of which occurred in my early teens. It was my first residential trip with school and Mum was checking through my case. Nothing to worry about there, until she found sanitary towels. I had only started the month before so was still quite sensitive about it all. Holding them high in the air she asked if I thought that would be enough. My Dad who was waiting to put my case in the car flushed deep red so I don't know who was more embarrassed, him or me!

Another morning she decided to make a family announcement at breakfast that I had Thrush, She advised everyone that they should avoid my flannel in case of contamination, Mortified!

I think the MOST embarrassing was during puberty. I had hard lumps in my boobs (that turned out to be developing glands) so she would invite people to have a feel and ask their opinion! That would be classed as child abuse now!! When she did take me to the Dr, she ignored my pleas' to have a female Dr and booked me in with a creepy bloke who was not unlike Osama Bin Laden in appearance. Judging by the look on his face I think I was the highlight of his day - UGH!!!

I realise this doesn't paint a great picture of my Mum. She has got a little better with age but now I just think the filter is broken between her brain and her mouth! She can still come out with some choice words at awful moments but it doesn't bother me so much now.

This has had a knock on effect with my boys. As Big is 13 now I am very careful not to embarrass him, especially in front of his mates. I offer to drop him off round the corner from his mates house and wear 'tidy' clothes for school meetings and appointments. I did ask him if I was an embarrassing Mum and he said yes but he couldn't think of a single incident. To me that says I am guilty of only minor embarrassments which happen with everyone, I can live with that!