Dress your Alter Ego

For one night only, make yourself a costume that represents the hidden parts of you, the woman you might have been, or indeed still could be. You don't actually have to leave the house, unless of course you want to...


Do you have a secret persona that you'd like to let out? Now's your chance...

You can make your costume from whatever you like, how can you limit an alter ego? If you want to disguise yourself, that's fine too.

Here's a video giving some examples of how to make costumes using just paper and collage materials, staples and glue. This can be great fun to do with younger kids - or indeed with a bunch of grown up friends and a bottle of wine...

Take a photo of your costume, and give your alter ego a name. Then click on 'join in' and send it in to us.

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Onestopbugshop Dresses her Alter Ego

I am 'Ladybird Woman'. Love flitting about on flowers & eating green fly :0)

Anonymous Dresses her Alter Ego

Festival freakster

Anonymous Dresses her Alter Ego

Fashionista Funnell