Doodling a Museum of Mum

We held our second ever twidoodle this week, in honour of the launch of London's first ever pop-up Museum of Motherhood...

A lovely bunch of mummy-doodlers got together to tweet and doodle and giggle a lot, imagining what we'd each put in our own personal museum of motherhood - objects that represented our past, present and future as mums. 

Our doodled Museum of Motherhood is full of nappies and wet wipes, mess and chaos, toys and fairy wings, triple pushchairs, books, cuddles, love and stress, and mums talking constantly in the third person. It has a rollercoaster, comfy sofas and wine stains, snot-stained sleeves, cold half-drunk coffees and crayon on the walls.

It holds our dreams of worldwide travel, creative exploration and happy grown-up children.

You can see some of the doodles here and read some of the twidoodle highlights below.

I so want to go to that imagined museum. I really really do. I want to see an exhibition that celebrates mums in all our diversity. We mums create children. That's got to be on a par with the grandest sculptures, oil paintings or modern installations. Our life's work deserves to be in a museum, and we should be very very proud of all that we create, every single day (mess included).

Sending a very special thanks to Aimee of Artsyville for her gorgeous print and Museum of Motherhood London for their launch tickets - lovely prizes for our twidoodlers.