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DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit from Story of MumOur DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit provides everything you could possibly need to host your own Mamas’ Retreat.

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Why host a retreat?

You dream of having some time just for you.

Time to rest. To be nurtured.

Time to laugh with other mamas you love.

You’d love to feel connected to your core again, free of Bad Mummy guilt and self-criticism. To step out into your day confident, rejuvenated and inspired.

And you wish you could help those mama friends of yours who really need a break - who don’t value the amazing things they do every day.

You hope that one day you’ll all be able to attend a Mamas’ Retreat together, but money is tight...

You don’t think you deserve it. But you do.

As a mother, making this time for yourself is vital. To nurture your children, you have to nurture yourself.

You are the heart of your family. And as one of their most crucial support systems, your family need you to be rested, happy and strong.

They need you to take time out for you. You need it too.

You can do it

Story of Mum’s big brave vision is to get more exhausted mamas like you making time for yourself, celebrating all that you do, and letting go of guilt and self-criticism.

Story of Mum Mamas' Retreat

So… especially for you, we’ve gathered all the goodness of our real-life mamas’ retreats into one very special and completely affordable Do-It-Yourself Mamas’ Retreat Kit.

- Imagine 4 precious hours of me-time with your mama friends, supporting each other to celebrate all that you do. And then heading back to your family feeling joyful, rested, and inspired.

- Imagine a whole uninterrupted conversation. Stretching your mama body without children hanging from your arms. Laughing with other women, sharing ways to survive the bad days.

It’s completely possible. You can make it happen. Right now.

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DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit from Story of Mum: everything you need to host your own affordable and inspiring mamas' retreat

So what is a DIY Mamas’ Retreat Kit?

Designed by the very talented Sam Osborne, the DIY Mamas’ Retreat Kit is a gorgeous e-book brimming with printables and easy to follow videos. 

The kit guides you through a 3 to 4 hour retreat session that includes gentle yoga with Leif Olsen, fun and insightful creative activities, vital inspiration, and guidance on how to create a space where you can all reflect and be heard.

This very first DIY Kit, “Take a Compliment,” is themed around learning to value what we do as mothers, as women, and as friends. It’s about listening to those positive things that are said about us, learning to say them to ourselves, and ignoring those negative voices that so often crop up instead.

You’ll leave feeling valued, nurtured, connected and more confident.

BUY YOUR KIT right now if you want to:

- Discover how to make vital time to look after YOU, and get excited about your life again.

- Create the best excuse ever to make time to get together with the mama-friends you want to see more often

- Get to the crux of the issue that is most worrying you, and be supported to find the solution that's right for you, right now.

- Identify and believe in your strengths - learn to delight in giving and receiving compliments.

- Reawaken your creativity (or unearth it for the first time!)

- Host a Mamas' Retreat that will liberate, rejuvenate and inspire you and your friends - with an easy-to-follow guide packed with printable goodies, fabulous mama-tested ideas, videos, love and surprise treats. And do it again, and again...

It's so much easier than you think. You can set it up in moments, and host the whole retreat without breaking a sweat (unless you find a way really go for it in the gentle yoga session...!)

Host your own relaxing rejuvenating Mamas' Retreat with

Just add friends...


With your very own DIY Kit in hand, all you have to do is add one or more friends, a living room, and something delicious to eat. 

And in just four hours you can make a huge change not only to your life, but to your friends’ lives too. 

We've been holding retreats like this with our mama friends for the past 18 months.

They've been completely transformational for all of us. Now we want them to be transformational for you.

or buy it for another mother in your life?

The DIY Mamas’ Retreat Kit would make a unique love-filled Mothers’ Day or birthday gift for the mamas you deeply care about.

You could simply send them the kit as a gift, or host the day for them yourself as a very special treat.

Maybe even a surprise?

What's inside the kit?

A page from Story of Mums' DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit

Step by Step instructions for hosting your own Mamas’ Retreat including:

- Our very best tips for running a successful retreat

- Handy checklists

- A simple schedule to keep you on track

- Great questions to ask each other

- Tools for getting inspired - and staying inspired 


3 easy to follow videos (hosted right here!):

- How to Stretch and Rest and Feel Good: with yoga teacher Leif Olsen

- How to Make a Compliments Box: with Story of Mum’s Pippa Best

- How to Listen in Threes: with Story of Mum’s Pippa Best


Printable Encouragement Cards from Sam Osborne for Story of Mum's DIY Mamas' Retreat Kit7 stunning printables:

- Mamas’ Retreat Invitation: to inspire your friends to join you!

 - Compliments Slipspretty cut-out slips to share and collect the love

 - Compliments Box: a simple snip-and-fold template to make your own beautiful box to hold your compliments

-  A selection of Encouragement Cards from Sam Osborne (like this gorgeous one above): 3 beautiful cards to fill-in and post, to keep that positive energy going.


We’re even including a special Bonus Activity with even more printables: Mum Trumps!

Yes, you really can make your own mum-themed trump cards if you so desire. We've got everything covered…! 


How does buying the kit help mothers?

Story of Mum Mamas' RetreatWhen you buy one of our kits and host your retreat, you’ll be supporting yourself and your mama friends to feel happier, more confident, and connected to who you really are.

Happier mamas, happier families.

Happier world all round.

You’ll be helping Story of Mum continue to provide inspiring support and a unique creative space and community for mums worldwide at

Not only that, but your purchase will also help mamas worldwide to find a voice.

We're thrilled that 10% of DIY Retreat Kit sales will go to support two brilliant organisations – the mum advocacy work of our lovely friends at the Museum of Motherhood, and the vital work of Womankind Worldwide supporting women globally.

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DIY Mamas' Retreats are good in SO many ways. But don’t just take our word for it:


"The retreat was fabulous -- the yoga was absolutely transformative and set the right tone for the whole morning. I felt like a new woman and was ready to have fun, be creative, and enjoy myselff. Getting a chance to sit down, without kids, to talk and learn and be creative was rejuvenating and made me feel excited about my life again." Ginny



"When I first heard about the DIY retreat kit, I thought, that’s not really my thing. Of course I realize now that the resistance was coming up because I usually put my self care on the back burner when things get crazy. After using the kit I have to say, I totally recommend it to anyone who could use more self care in their lives. My favorite part was creating the compliment boxes. Now, when I’m having a rough day I stop and look through my box, trying to experience some of the same positive feelings I had during the experience. I actually really enjoy crafting but I don’t make nearly enough time to fit it in. Even if you think this kind of thing “isn’t for you” I’d definitely suggest you give it a try. I’ll be scheduling another one of these in the summer". Patricia Talavera, Save Your Time Biz Solutions


miranda"The Mamas’ Retreat gave me the opportunity to be me! Being in a group of women who share the challenging role of being a mum felt safe, and that encouraged me to think and talk more openly about the ups and downs of my life. The retreat also gave me a rare chance to be creative, and to get in touch with both my mind and my body though gentle yoga. I was able to take a step aside from my normal daily routine and reflect on what I achieve each day as a juggling mum. I left the day feeling stronger and more appreciated, and I still take a look at the compliments in my box when I need a boost. It was a very beautiful and liberating experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any mum.” Miranda



“As a working mama, I rarely let myself stop and take time out for me – I’m either working or mothering most of the time. It was wonderful to give myself that gift of space. I loved connecting with other supportive mothers, voicing my hopes and dreams, and eating cake! I left as a stronger mum and woman, rejuvenated and inspired.” Kari



“The Mamas’ Retreat was immediately a very honest space to expose my vulnerabilities and support others to do the same, and that helped me enormously to move forward with some of the worries I had been harbouring on my own. Exposed to the light, I could forgive myself for not being perfect, and then feel light-hearted about it. Creating space for yourself is rare as a mum, but I think space with other mums to actually focus on looking at how being a parent affects you is even rarer. The retreat was essential maintenance and empowering and a giggle all at once!” Emily



“The yoga session was a great way to transition from home and kids and a rushing mind to a more present and connected me. It was very affirming (and fun!) to share the joys and struggles of motherhood with other women and led to some valuable insights. I loved doing creative stuff that I would never normally find the time to do. I came away feeling uplifted and inspired.” Kate



“Each time I leave the Mamas’ Retreat I feel much more connected with myself and able to see clearly what I want. Most importantly I believe I can achieve all that I want. It feels great to share such precious times with the women of my community, and I'm sure it makes us all stronger.Leif


How much does it cost?

We are offering all of this fine-tuned love-filled mama goodness for just

  £ 3 7  (£37 = approx US$56)

So if you bring 3 mamas together for your retreat, and you just hold a retreat once, that’s an individual cost of less than £9 each. For a unique experience that can change how you feel about yourself and your life.

You might consider asking your friends to contribute towards the cost – we engage more in an activity when we contribute something towards it, however small. And that makes it cheaper for you too!

(Please note that this kit is designed for you to use with groups of friends, not to host your own retreats for paying customers - that's why we're keeping the price as low as possible.)

Happy Mums at our MK Exhibition launch for Story of Mum: Mums Making an Exhibition of Ourselves: credit Andra Alexander

Just to give you an idea of how fantastic a bargain this is - when we host similar retreats in person, the individual fee is £29 - £60. For three of you, that would be a cost of £87 - £180. 

With your DIY Mamas’ Retreat Kit, you can create the same experience for a tiny fraction of the cost.

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Use it again and again!

Plus, it’s a kit that you can use again and again. You could host a retreat with a different group of friends, or another retreat with the same group a couple of months later to see how you’ve all moved on, swapping one of the activities for the bonus activity.

There’s always a value in reconnecting and taking that precious time together. And, I don’t think you can ever have too many Compliments Boxes…

You might even choose to make Leif’s gentle yoga session a regular practice in your life. You can go back and enjoy that blissful quiet stretch and relaxation on your own as many times as you like.

And if you love the kit and want to try something new, come on over and join our community at Story of Mum to be first in line for very special offers on the next kit in the series…

We couldn’t make it any easier for you to make this time for yourself, mama.

When you buy your kit, we’ll even send you some encouraging emails to remind you how to make it happen. Because you can do this!

You truly deserve it.

Your happiness matters.

And we can’t wait to see you reap the benefits of a Mamas’ Retreat.

Click on one of the "add to cart" buttons to buy your kit now (if you're lucky enough to have a discount code, you'll be able to enter it here).

Do something wonderful for yourself and your mama friends. You deserve it. And so do they.

Your purchase is helping Story of Mum and these fabulous organisations:

Womankind WorldwideWomankind Worldwide is an international women’s human rights charity working to help women transform their lives. 

By partnering with women’s rights organisations tackling the issues that affect women’s day to day lives around the world, Womankind Worldwide support courageous women to amplify their voice, increase their impact and bring about greater change.

Museum of Motherhood


The Museum of Motherhood is an inspiring exhibition space and powerful advocate for the value of our motherhood stories. M.O.M. supports the study of motherhood as a vibrant social, political and cultural field. Because we are worthy of study.

They're also currently exhibiting material from Story of Mum  - read more about the events we collaborated on last year here and here.

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