Dear You,

This one is dedicated to my husband for Father's Day :)

I look at our life and I am grateful for what we have. I look at our life and I see all the ups and the downs and the many curve balls along the way. I see all the scrifices we made, willingly or otherwise. I remember all the sighs and the disappointments at what could’ve been, the obstacles we had to overcome. I see it all and smile, despite all of that I am grateful. We have built a life I am proud of and happy to be in.

We have built this life brick by brick and laid down its foundations. We worked hard and we have a lot to show for it: 2 daughters that light up our lives and give us the drive and ambition to push forward. They give meaning to every decision we take and purpose to every move we make. We are able to provide them with lots of love, hugs and smiles, a home, good schools, and all the necessities of life. We can’t always give the luxuries but when we do, they appreciate them. They will learn the value of it all and be better people for it!

We have our moments, we’ve questioned our decisions and whether this is the life we wanted. I look around and see my life for what it really is and I wouldn’t change a thing. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I am not ambitious and strive to improve myself and my life every day. I mean that I am content with what I have, I don’t regret how I got here and will continue to work towards what I want.

I look back and wonder if I would do things differently and I see some things could’ve been done better, others differently but overall, we are where we should be and I am sure we will get to where we want to be. We have built a life where we can always to turn to one another and be each other’s support. How can I want anything else in life.

I love you xo