Creative Mommy

Number five in our occasional series on creativity and motherhood is brought to you by the wonderful Mommy Nuggets. It's her very first guest post and we are thrilled to pop her guest post cherry - here's hoping she writes many more...

I have always thought of myself as a creative person.  I enjoyed arts & crafts classes at school and loved music and singing.  Mind you I cannot draw or sing to save my life but I do enjoy doing them, often to the detriment of others (insert wicked laugh here)!

When I became a mom, I realized that over time I became a lot more creative than I used to be.  As it turned out motherhood came with a ton of creativity.  You cannot get through a day without it!  You can read all the books in the world but that doesn’t mean that any of their techniques will work on your childYou know your child and every one of their nuances better than anyone else.   You will come up with the best tricks to get them to eat their sprouts, clean up their toys, potty train or just do what you ask of them.

Over the years, talking with other moms, I cannot tell you the number of creative ways moms have come up with to hide a healthy food their little one didn’t like in the meal.  I’ve heard of steaming carrots then pureeing them and adding them to spaghetti sauce, and cooking and blending Brussels sprouts in with the hamburger meat. 

The same goes for discipline, I’ve heard of a whole spectrum of techniques moms use to train their kids from the positive rewards system, to the chart system, to the consequence and time out systems.  Some mothers use stars, others use magnets on a board and some just give hugs and kisses.  They use what ever works with their little ones and it seems that it all works. Mothers are the most creative bunch of people I know!!

I am for the time being a stay at home mom and that’s forced me to become even more creative.  Like any mother, I want to give my kids everything they want, unfortunately the budget doesn’t always agree with me on that one so I have to come up with alternatives to provide the little extras for my kids.  I have learned to bake and decorate my own birthday cakes, I’ve learned to make fancy birthday invitations, I’ve had to come up with fun Halloween costumes on a tight budget and I learned to knit those funky hats in fashion these days (a big hit with all their friends at school too!). 

I believe that being a mother automatically makes you a creative person, as I said earlier; a mother cannot get through a day without being creative.  For me personally, even though I thought I was a creative person; that was never truer than when I was honoured with the title of Mom!

I would love to hear your creative ideas, recipes and projects.  Feel free to swing by and visit my blog to say hello and see some of my projects and crafts.

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