Creative Business-Mamas: Vicki Jackson of Love Helm

Creative Business-Mamas: Vicki Jackson of Love Helm

We're delighted to share this Creative Business-Mamas interview with the runaway winner of Mum Plus Business's recent competition to find their members' favourite creative mama product: Vicki Jackson of Love Helm.

Describe how you are feeling RIGHT NOW in three words? 

Excited, Tired and a little anxious!!

What's the story of your creative business?

I have always enjoyed making things. I have been a full time Design and Technology teacher for the past 13 years, and I like to make as many gifts as possible for friends and family.

When babies started arriving in my friendship circle, I made baby blankets with their names on or baby surname ones as baby shower gifts and I think LoveHelm really began then. 

I love a new challenge and once some projects became regular I set myself new challenges. My friends and family have also come to rely on me to make some of their ideas a reality such as my Santa Sacks, which were an idea of one of my best friends.

I love the textiles aspect of LoveHelm but I really love my laser cutting pieces such as my artwork with butterflies and dragonflies, my family frames and baby or wedding frames.

LoveHelm became official in October 2012 after much pestering and persuading from my husband and those close to me to open up my work to everyone else. I set up my facebook page and started the craft fair circuit.

The success within these aspects have led me to put together a website (work in progress, will launch early 2014) and enter Mum Plus Business's competition for the opportunity to have some mentoring to take LoveHelm forward.

Vicki Jackson of Love Helm

What are the best things about being a mother running a creative business?

The best thing about being a mother with a creative business is watching my girls get really excited about what I am making and wanting to be involved.

It was lovely when I made my last lot of orders for my butterfly frames, Amalie my eldest daughter who is 4 sat with me and using my spare pieces made her own picture, she was so pleased with it.

And the worst?

The worst thing is time, there just isn't enough. Although I am pleased that people want to order my products it can sometimes take me away from my girls when things are busy.

I am juggling being a full time mum, full time teacher, full time wife and launching LoveHelm - life gets rather hectic at times

Tell us about the most difficult day you faced and overcame as a creative working mama

There wasn't one specific day, I had three days straight of craft fairs in the evening after full days at school. I felt like I hadn't and wasn't going to see my girls for days as I was having to go straight from school to get set up. My husband surprised me at the second fair to help me set up so I could spend some time with the girls before it all kicked off. They thought it was a great adventure.

Vicky Jackson Love HelmWhat advice would you give a mama starting a creative business?

Follow your heart, you need to be really passionate about it to take it forward. It can be all consuming, but if that's what you want then it's worth it. And remember great things come from little places with hard work.

What are you working on right now that you're most excited about?

I designed a personalised week planner board for my family that combined our calendar and my family frame idea.

On a Sunday my husband and I would sit and try and map out our week, but we would always forget stuff. I didn't want a whiteboard in my home, so I spent my days trying to come up with a design that would be really subtle but also functional. I made a large number of planner boards, all personalised for friends for Christmas gifts this year and the response has been amazing. Hopefully if the idea is viable then I can include it in my range of personalised products 

If there was a Creative Working Mama Fairy, what would you wish for?

Best Food Forward - Vicki of Love Helm

More time!!!!! with my girls, with my husband and more time to make my ideas a reality and just enjoy being creative.

Find out more about Vicki over on facebook.

To get in the spirit of this month's activity, the lovely Vicki has also shared a fabulous Best Foot Forward photo for us!

She says "I have my black cowboy boots for work, I love them, just a little bit different but perfect for working in a workshop.

As a mum, its got to be my uggs, I have 5 pairs!!! Comfy for chasing the girls around the park and the zoo."

If you have a dream of becoming a creative business-mama yourself, you might also like to find out more about our partner in this series this month: Mum Plus Business - a network supporting local mums to form business partnerships.

What does being a creative business-mama mean to you?

If you'd like to share your story with us, we'd love to hear from you.

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