Creative Business-Mamas: Tara Florence

Creative Business-Mamas: Tara Florence

Our next Creative Business-Mamas interview is with a new business-mama friend, Tara Florence of Tara Florence Photography. Mother of two littles, Tara shares her leap of faith, and her dream of a stop-the-clock button...

Describe how you are feeling RIGHT NOW in three words?

Productive, focussed and festive! 

What's the story of your creative business: when, how and WHY did you start it?

For years I’d been the go-to girl if any friends wanted photos taking. It was just a hobby but I truly relished any opportunity given to me to experiment and hone my skills.

When on maternity leave, I got some advice from a friend:

"Photograph everything Tara. They grow up so quickly, you’ll appreciate even the smallest things in years to come."

So I did. I also enrolled into a fantastic local photography class to improve my technique.

When the time came to decide whether I wanted to return to my full time job, I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue my photography.

Since then things have just snowballed. Most of my work is booked through referrals and the next couple of years are looking really busy. 

What are the best things about being a mother running a creative business?

If I’m in a particularly artistic mood, it’s so much fun to get the girls dressed up, set up a fab scene and get snapping away.  

Thankfully, they both seem to love having their photos taken and it’s a great way for me to get my creative juices flowing whilst capturing some beautiful memories of my little ones.

And the worst?

The worst thing is definitely not having enough hours in the day.

I like to dedicate my days to my girls, but when you know you having a wedding deadline looming and fifteen emails to respond to it can be difficult to prioritise. 

What was the most difficult day as a creative working mama?

Molly, my eldest, had been asking for a trip to the beach for weeks. When the day finally came, I’d received a last minute booking for a fantastic shoot - the original photographer was ill. It was such a dilemma. In the end the girls went alone with daddy but I managed to join them for the final hour after the shoot. 

Tara Florence photography

What advice would you give a mama starting a creative business?  

Follow your heart and go for it.

Work your business around your family and you can have the best of both worlds.

What are you working on right now that you're most excited about?

I’m starting a project in 2014 entitled ‘Beautiful Women’. I’m photographing a spectrum of women, all shapes and sizes and all beautiful and amazing in their own way.

My end goal is to create a coffee table book and showcase these fantastic women and their stories.

If there was a Creative Working Mama Fairy, what would you wish for?

A ‘stop the clock’ button, for those evenings when the girls have decided bedtime is over-rated and I have 500 photos to edit. Pretty please? 

Find out more about Tara over at her website.

What does being a creative business-mama mean to you?

If you'd like to share your story with us, we'd love to hear from you.

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