Mamas' Retreats: Cornwall

Mamas' Retreats

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum in Cornwall

For many years, we have held regular Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreats in Penzance, Cornwall with our lovely yoga teacher and good friend Leif Olsen. These have been hosted either in Garbo House, Leif's welcoming yoga studio overlooking the sea, or in the tranquil surroundings of Mudita House in Morrab Road. 

We now hold the occasional day retreat, open to all women, not just mothers. Our retreats generally include gentle yoga, simple creative activities (no artistic skills required), and a rare chance to talk in full sentences with other women over cake and lunch. It's amazing how much better and revitalised you'll feel after a few hours to yourself.

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You can also check recent blog posts for information about upcoming retreats, and buy tickets in our shop (tickets sell quickly - so if they have already sold out, it will tell you that they are out of stock).


Bespoke Retreats

A tailor-made small group or individual retreat with Story of Mum

Precious time on your own or in a small group that will leave you feeling stronger, happier, and ready to head home again as the very best mama you can be. 

Whatever your timeframe and budget, we can shape a unique residential retreat in a selection of very special Cornish venues for you or a group of friends or colleagues. See an example over here.

Can't decide whether you'd like some time to yourself or time with other mums? How about combining a Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat and a Bespoke Retreat programme for a whole weekend of delicious mama-nurturing...

We'll arrange your accommodation, provide one to one support and creative activities for Saturday, and for Sunday afternoon. You can also choose from a fabulous selection of pampering treatments, unique adventures, creative inspiration, delicious food and more.

Fancy some revitalising aromatherapy treatments, reflexology or being soothed with Cornish herbal compresses? A burlesque class or a private sewing lesson to tailor your own 1950s skirt? Wild swimming or a surf lesson? A woodland adventure with a herbalist or horseriding on the beach? We can arrange all of these and more...

Get in touch to find out more and we'll bring your perfect Cornish retreat to life.


Residential Group Retreats

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum in Cornwall

Nurturing, fun, moving and inspiring, our residential group retreats connect a beautiful group of kind-hearted women in spectacular locations.

We love the wild and rustic retreat spaces of our regular escapes to Prussia Cove, and we're looking at some amazing new locations.

Read more about the very first group residential we held at Prussia Cove over here, and make sure to join our mailing list to find out when we'll host another. Our small group programme above also offers residential retreats.



Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum and Leif Olsen Yoga in Cornwall

What do other mothers say about our retreats?

Here are some words from mothers who have joined our retreats below:

""I really enjoyed the retreat. The level of support was amazing from all the mamas and the relaxation yoga was just what I needed. And OMG the soup - gorgeous!!" 

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum and Leif Olsen Yoga in Cornwall"l love coming to the retreats because it's a place where I feel I'm heard, and I feel relaxed enough to be able to open up to people, and also because I never spend time looking after myself physically and emotionally and the yoga really helps."

"I loved how genuinely happy everyone was to be there, the quiet, yoga without a baby crawling on or underneath me, the food, being listened to and heard for 5 minutes was amazing!"

"I left feeling empowered and rejuvenated. I do yoga each week anyway and have a lovely group of friends I get together with fairly regularly and so I wasn't expecting to get near as much out of it as I did. Leif's yoga class was sooooo relaxing and doing the writing afterwards was something I never do - it really helped me focus on how I was feeling.

The cake and soup were amazing and the collage was exactly what I needed to feel creative (I'd never take the time to do something like that on my own) as well as to think about how I'd like to feel in this new year.

My favourite part though was chatting with the other mums. It was different from chatting with my friends or husband because there was a bit of structure, which allowed us to talk about things we may not talk about with friends or partners. Having the chat after doing the collage and hearing their thoughts gave me a fresh perspective. It really was such a special day!"

Join a Mamas' Retreat with Story of Mum and Leif Olsen Yoga in Cornwall

"The Mamas Retreat was an escape from motherhood for a couple of hours - a chance to reflect on the joy it brings, and a chance to give myself the space I needed to be myself."

"I left feeling rewarded with a relaxed state of mind and joyful, with the pleasurable experience of new friendships."

"Very chilled out, safe and welcoming atmosphere."

"Perfectly planned, so ran very smoothly. Great mix of tender loving care for mind, body and soul. Also awesome food!!

"Pure, uninterrupted yoga - such a joy and a real treat. I felt a million dollars afterwards!"