Blissful tidbits

Friday: driving back after really good solid neck and shoulder massage by top guy in practice, smiling at sensation of new looseness when turning head to look at gorgeous red wild poppies all along the side of the road

Saturday: an extraordinary visit to watch the Foo fighters (on aVIP ticket which made it all the more fun!) and dancing , head banging near the mosh pit. Really getting into it, as if a teen fan, arms in the air pretend singing. A Hoot! A bopping mad grannie!

Sunday: one precious moment after 8 or 9 hours very hard gardening ( in preparation for our annual garden party in weeks time) when i sat on my bum straight on the gravel in the drive with glass of wine in hand staring at the way the garage security light threw shadows on the grape vine ( given by close friends 10 years ago) and reminded me of an evening in Sardinia! I got hubby to sit next to me, and we pondered our good fortune.

Monday: Arriving after what felt like too long a hot journey to supervisee’s house to collect my forgotten suitcase (was in the boot of his car as he drove off in one direction and me in the other on Friday night!). Cool inside the house, coffee machine, tasty espresso offered in beautiful Spanish cup and saucer sitting on bench in garden, talking about work and our grown up kids, before trip all the way back again (with suitcase).

Tuesday: Going to chemist as hay fever strangely out of control to find that I had been given the wrong nasal spray previously and I had been making matters worse! So headed home feeling chuffed and hopeful that I needn’t sneeze my way through the garden party preparations. Breathed out…. And in, just fine! And sitting having lettuce from our garden at lunch listening and watching 2 tiny finches being brave and curious about our lunch.

Wednesday: spying a young couple out in the lane looking around and going out to see if they were new tenants of converted pub down the road ( me being curious) and inviting them into the garden and exchanging veg growing techniques as beginners, and their giving me raspberries from their allotment and me inviting them to garden party. Barney, Eleanor and baby Carter beaming

Thursday: sharing cooking with friend who felt very close and intimate even though we don’t know each other that well. Such simple and fulfilling fun to chop and natter, and read recipes and discern chef’s meanings, giggling, supporting, speaking of being wives and mothers and ways in which food had been/was central in ‘feeding’ our kids.