Better than nothing

Chelsea at Ms Mummy of Two shares her thoughts on combining motherhood and activism - it's not easy! Our seventh guest post on Mama Activism.

I want to be the voice, I want to help people be heard and help the charities I choose to support, but how many mums have the time to spend shouting about these things enough to make a difference?!

Since starting the whole activist role, I have found you need support, one person shouting alone is simply not enough, this is especially true for someone like me, who has two girls under five running around. 

Between the crying and the tantrums, the importance of what you are doing for a charity gets swallowed up by real life. 

It's a sad excuse, but it's true! 

Unless they are asleep or having a day at nannies, there is simply no way of being heard, well not the to extent of “making a difference.”

The husband always says charity starts at home, a comment I believe is true. As parents we all do what we think is best for our little ones, I find myself wanting to help charities out more than ever now, probably because I have had so much fantastic support since being diagnosed with MS, the way in which we were supported were invaluable, they made such a difference to us all. 

     Photo from Code Pink HQ  (it's not Chelsea, but it's almost as impressive!)

Before I started blogging, I never really saw myself as the raising money and awareness type, however since meeting so many new people and reading so many different stories, you find a connection and simply want to do whatever you can to help. 

All this said, I still have two very loud reasons I find this activism stuff so hard. I want to sit down and do my best, but truth be told, whilst they are still very, very young, I just do not have the time. 

Still, until they are at an age where they are happy to do their own thing for an hour or two, I will do all I can, which I guess really is better than nothing? 


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