Balloon of Shame

What are you ashamed of? Blow up a balloon. Use a felt tip to name something (or a few things!) that you'd like to feel less shame about right now. Take a photo. Then burst your balloon. POW!

Visit our blog to read lots of wonderful guest posts about overcoming mum shame.


You just need a balloon and enough puff to blow it up.

Think of something that you feel shame about - or something that you're embarrassed of.

It might be something you feel you didn't or don't do well enough. It might be about how you look, how you behave, how you parent. It might be about how you feel you should be but you're not. It's probably in some way linked to what you worry other people think of you.

It doesn't have to be a big thing. It might be a little thing. It might be a somewhere in the middle thing. Don't think too hard, just go with your gut. That's where my shame sits.

You absolutely do not need to share it with us if you don't want to. 

I feel a lot of shame about my house being a tip (you can read about that here). There's always so much chaos and mess that I'm ashamed to invite strangers in for fear of being judged a filthy slattern. You can see how I'm trying to overcome some of this shame in Photograph Your Chaos...

For a long time I have felt shame about my body, being overweight - and of course ever more wobbly and stretched since having kids. Our Love Mum-Body series really helped me start to feel differently about my miraculous mama-body.

These are both middle-sized things that I'm trying to worry about less - and they're both things I really enjoyed popping on my balloon. I hope you do too.

If you'd like to share a story of being an Embarrassing Mum, we'd love to hear it.


I know that shame is a hugely powerful emotion and it can bring up challenging thoughts, here are some links to sources of support. Don't be afraid to ask for help.