Bake a Pie Chart

How do you spend your day? Illustrate it with a pie chart. Represent your 'me' time with a real piece of pie, and then eat it...


Choose a day, any day you like, and break down the hours into the main activities you do in a day - sleep, work, parenting, exercise, your relationship time, hobbies, commuting, whatever else you get up to. Don't forget to include the time you dedicate to yourself. (You may well enjoy all the other parts of your day, but this last bit is the point where your own needs are the most important thing).

Represent these activities however you like on a big pie chart - you can cut out pictures, or draw or paint, use colours or images, however you'd like to capture your day. You can label the sections or leave it to our imagination. But, to illustrate your 'me time', you must use a real slice of pie - bake it yourself, or buy it ready-made, we don't mind, as long as it's one you'd quite like to eat afterwards...

Stick your pie chart on a plate, take a photo, and send it to us.

So how does your day look? Do you get a decent slice of the pie...?

Have a read of this blog we wrote for Mojo Mums if you want more inspiration.