bad mummy goes on holiday

It was really really hot and maybe I wasn't thinking straight. But that is no excuse.

I took my one year old daughter for a ride on the back of an elephant attached to me in her sling. It was only when I heaved myself onto the back of the elephant, it started to move, and I started to slip from side to side with each huge step forward that I suddenly thought what on earth have I done?

It was a very very long way down. And being strapped to me is not at all the same thing as being strapped to the elephant (which I wasn't). It was the most terrifying ten minutes I can remember. And although it was an excellent workout for my panic-stricken hard-squeezed thighs, it was not worth the feeling of sheer horror.

A few minutes later, my husband put a 'friendly' cobra round our three year old for a photo, so at least I wasn't the only bad parent on the holiday.

Fortunately for us, both children were completely unaware of the sun-crazed recklessness of their mum and dad, and had a great time.