Award Winning Mums

Congratulations, you've won! Reward yourself for being a magnificent mum or number one nana. Think of something you've done well. Make an award for yourself or another deserving mum - a trophy, certificate, rosette, medal, whatever takes your fancy. Share it with us here.


It's not about being perfect, it's about remembering that you are a great mum, even when you can hardly believe it. There are few jobs harder than being a mum, and you deserve an award, you really do.

What have you done well today, this week, this year? What have you survived? What have you managed not to do?

Use your imagination to fashion yourself an award and add it to our online trophy cabinet by clicking on 'join in' above.

You can take a picture of your award proudly displayed somewhere in your home, or show it off in a photo starring you too.

If you'd like a prompt, there's a handy tutorial on making a rosette below - but feel free to come up with any kind of award you like. I 'borrowed' my son's plasticine to squidge mine into shape, along with a quick squirt of gold spray and an old tuna can...

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