Another week, another burst of happy


My first ever walk round Heligan, enjoying the garden’s mixture of wild and cultivated spaces and the company of friends, bees buzzing, sun shining, carrying a sleeping baby, pretending not to be puffed out from the exercise. 


Ooh out on the town  (well actually round a friend’s house but it’s my first night out alone since babe came along) to eat popcorn, drink cava and watch Tangled, squeezed into a sofa amongst friends.


A large takeout coffee, sunshine despite dark clouds, warm park bench and a beautiful beech tree, managing an intelligent caffeine-fuelled chat with another lovely friend about life, work and motherhood as our babies sing and blow bubbles at each other.


After a shady walk and picnic at Trewidden, a cool late afternoon swim in Mousehole harbour with two mum friends, first time in the sea in ages, braving the seaweed and not looking down, watched by our paddling happily-squabbling boys, the menfolk holding the babies and preparing a delicious BBQ including a plastic champagne glass of Prosecco, and then proudly managing to attempt baby led weaning with steamed potato pieces despite the sand and chaos.


Cuddling my smiling bare-bottomed baby in the shade of a big umbrella on a windy beach.


Watching my excited toddler attempting to combine blowing bubbles, tiger arms and ballerina kicks as I held him in a woggle in his second ever swimming lesson, momentarily forgetting my worry about the baby’s first ever stay in the crèche and instead enjoying seeing my son growing in a moment.


Walking home after baby club along the blustery prom, laughing with a friend, fresh fish from newlyn swinging from my pram handle, the sea at my side, baby drifting off to sleep, bumping into yet more mum friends for a chat what seemed like every twenty metres, trying not to clog up the pathway with our buggies, enjoying not having to rush because another lovely friend was collecting my son for me.