Amazing Grace, Fish Pie and Mr Ben


I watch my toddler and his best friend play together in the sun, hats still on despite much rolling and tumbling, while I sit in the shade on the grass with my friend and our babies who are finally both awake at the same time, touching each others cheeks.


(oops I'm sure there was a happy moment today but I forgot to write a sentence...)


The sun breaks out as I listen to a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace, humming along with a group of near-strangers on a clifftop to celebrate the naming of a friend's baby, exhausted having hiked there with hubby carrying toddler and me carrying the baby, so happy that we made it for the final joyful song despite being late, lost, and battling dodgy backs and knees.


A rare cuddle in bed with my husband.


Wet and shattered after the hecticness that is Monday morning, blissfully relaxing sofa time snuggled up stroking my son's hair and watching Mr Ben, a nostalgic treat from my childhood, while baby gurgles.


Running out in the rain as my lovely friend draws up outside in her car - aware that hubby is working all hours, she has collected my son from nursery and delivered him back to me with a fresh out of the oven fish pie for us to have for tea, the tupperware warming one of my hands, my son's little mitt in the other.


My baby sleeps, I write a blog, finish it and she's still asleep - I have a blissful moment of wondering what to do with this unexpected time, and I don't choose tidying. I write that sentence instead which makes me smile.