4 simple ways to love your mum body

So here's something a bit different for our 21st Love Mum Body post. Lucy Thornton of Perfect Balance Marketing shares her top tips for losing weight as she tries to love her mum-body more.


See my wedding ring doing its best to restrain those sausage fingers....?

Hang in there, ring!  I'm doing my best to make your life a little more comfortable...


Do you have something you wish you could change about your body?  Your bum?  Your tum?  Your boobs?  Perhaps the bingo wings?  Or the chunky ankles? 

All of the above?

A survey* last year by women’s magazine Glamour found that we are pretty harsh about our own bodies, having on average 13 negative body thoughts every day. 

This surely isn’t healthy.

But how can we turn that around and be more positive about ourselves, lumps, bumps and all? 

I’ve learned a few lessons over the last month, since I’ve been on a diet losing weight.

Lesson 1 – reward yourself

Since I had my little boy in 2008, my weight has gone up and down like a toddler on a slide.

This means my clothing collection is more diverse than I would like….. I have one drawer for size 10 clothes, one for size 12, one for 14 and one for 16.  Is today a fat day?  Probably, most days are – so top drawer it is. 

I can hardly even bend down far enough to reach the bottom drawer of size 10s (which is just as well, because the chance of me getting into them is slimmer than a skinny latte).

But I’ve stopped buying size 16s.  Call it denial, call it positive thinking, but until I can justifiably open that second drawer and pull my size 14 jeans on, I am buying nothing.  Not even if there is a Next sale.  Buying something new in a size 14 will be my reward for slimming down.

Try it yourself.  If you successfully resist eating a cupcake, treat yourself to something small like a magazine.

If you choose vegetable soup rather than scampi and chips when out for lunch with the girls, then buy that Cath Kidston notebook as a well done to yourself. 

Note to self: this could end up being rather expensive if you let it get out of hand, but expect to have lots of pretty new things….

Lesson 2 – find a fitness buddy

For the past five weeks I’ve been on a new regime (by which I mean: healthy eating and exercise plan).  And I’ve lost 5lbs.  Yay me!

This is largely due to the energy and enthusiasm of a personal trainer friend of mine who has kept me focused and enthused with encouragement, suggestions and a simple exercise plan. 

Every Monday morning we meet up.  However tired I am, whatever the weather, however much work I have on, I know she’s going to be there.  And that is pretty good motivation to show up.

If it was just me, I’d probably sit at home, switch on The Wright Stuff, have a milky coffee and play around on Twitter for an hour.

Instead, I’m jumping about, sweating, stretching, skipping (and loving it!) – it is genuinely the best start to the week ever.

Who could be your fitness buddy?  A friend, your mum, sister, husband?  Find a buddy and support each other by setting regular exercise dates (and sticking to them!)

Lesson 3 – keep it interesting

Six months ago I thought a kettle bell was something you would find on a ship.  I’ve since discovered it is a modern weapon of torture designed to make your legs and buttocks scream in pain every time you walk up and down stairs or try and sit on the loo.

But it has been instrumental in my weight loss.  Therefore it is my friend (ish).  And it is pretty fun to use.  Hurrah for the kettle bell.

Exercise doesn’t have to mean hitting your local gym or running in the rain.  It can be much more fun – try zumba, or beamfit, or salsa-cise.  Check out what classes run in your local area and give something new a try – you might just enjoy it.

Lesson 4 – love yourself

Yes, I know it’s a cliché – but it’s also incredibly effective to be positive.  Here’s something to try: every day, when you wake up in the morning, say something good and positive outloud to yourself in the mirror. 

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • “Today I am going to be awesome.”
  • “I have amazing lips.”
  • “I am a fantastic mummy.”
  • “Today is going to be fantastic.”

It may seem a little odd at first but trust me, being positive about yourself is infectious – and whether you think it or not, you are awesome every day so why not say it out loud?

What do you think?  What do you do to love your mum-body more?  

PS And if anyone hears of a Next sale coming up soon, please don’t tell me as I’m not sure my willpower could resist it!

* Read article here


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