31 weeks and gave birth in a taxi

I was 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. Chloe, who was 10 months old was asleep upstairs in her cot. It was around 8:30 in the evening and I had a phone call from my sister : “Emma, Peter Kays on tonight on Channel 4 watch it”. Id never seen Peter Kaye before but had heard everyone talk about how funny it was.

From the moment I started watching I was laughing, such a funny and down to earth guy and from my hometown Manchester. The joke about Slimming World and diets got me laughing hysterically, I could totally relate to it, that’s how us ladies do be when on diets. When it came to the joke about being drunk, drinking 20/20 I was in absolute hysterics , just couldn’t stop laughing – because we all relate to it. Basically from the start to the end of the programme I laughed all the way through – hysterically.

When it was over I decided to go upto bed, was really tired having a young baby and being pregnant. Over the next 2 hours I tried to get to sleep, I just couldn’t. I went to the toilet and found myself bleeding. I was having slight pains to. Shouting up my fiancé Joe I was so scared. The pain was getting worse.

Joe phoned the hospital and they told him to bring me in. We woke Chloe up to drop her off at my sisters. The pain was getting worse. I was sat on the back seat of the car in agony, crying telling Joe to drive faster, him being in a total panic about me and having to drive. He sped all the way there (going through red lights as it was late- roads were quite).

We got to the hospital just parking outside the door. Joe buzzed on letting the nurses know we were here as I was still in the car. By this point the contractions were every 2/3 minutes. The midwives were trying to get me out of the car. The pain in my back was so bad I just couldn’t move, they were saying everything as nice as they could to coax me out I just couldn’t move. I told the nurses I needed to push. They were against this saying “Emma breathe ,don’t push yet till we get you upstairs” Upstairs was 3 flights of stairs and the pain was horrendous. I was screaming telling them the baby was there and I needed to push.

I could see the nurses talking at that point they lay me down in the car. Joe was holding my hand, I was screaming and crying. The urge to push came and was pushing with everything I had. Joe is a taxi driver. His darling beloved is in labour in his taxi, his next words enraged me : “Emma don’t get blood all over the taxi, try and keep it clean” Oh my God…I was fuming I was shouting at him crying but he was saying Ive got to work , the customers blah blah blah. Couldn’t believe it .

The urge again came and I pushed the baby out. There was no cry, no noise from the baby. There was suddenly lots of nurses around . I hadn’t seen the baby didn’t know what was happening. I knew the look on Joes face – he was worried and that scared me as hes quite positive. I couldn’t stop crying, then had to deliver the placenta in which was harder than the baby.

I was taken to the labour ward. I felt so ill and overwhelmed. Nurses were trying to reassure me but weren’t telling me about my baby, I just wanted to see her. Around 3 hours after the labour a nurse came in with a photograph of the baby. She told me the baby was very poorly and was on a life support machine. I was devastated. The picture showed my baby with wires coming from her body. I was so upset that I couldn’t cuddle my baby. All I had was a poloroid picture. She was born weighing 3lb.

I finally saw my baby hours later, she was so little. Id never saw such a small baby. Lots of wires and beeping machines, a heated blanket. I couldn’t believe it. We named her Lauren. Lauren was in hospital for around 6 months ,as she kept picking up infections and as she was born so prematurely continuing to fight on.

Lauren is now 7. She has Cerebeal Palsy and also a condition called FACS SYNDROME, in which my Epilepsy medication has affected the baby in which these medications do. She to has Athsma, speech delay, very emotional behaviour, facial abnormalities, and is also on the Autistic Spectrum. She cant walk unaided and has a KAYE walker frame to help her walk. She wears a brace and splints on her legs to put them in the correct position. Her and her brother Luke(who also has Cerebral Palsy) require daily, regular physiotherapy. She is a very determined little girl, but is at an age where she now knows she is different and keeps asking “MUM, why am I disabled” Me and Joe have been very truthful and she has taken it ok, but she still says she is disabled all the time. I have told her I was laughing to much at Peter Kaye when I had her and she wants to meet him to ask him why was he making her mummy laugh.

I have gone on to have 3 more children so 5 in total. They are all diagnosed with FACS SYNDROME, and have similar problems to Lauren. They all to attend mainstream school. If any ladies out there are taking Anti Epileptic Medications such as Epilim (Sodium Valproate) Carbamazipine or Phenytoin for any reason please visit my blog emma4oacs.wordpress.com for more information or advice on FACS SYNDROME.