Celebrating mums we have lost

November is a time for remembering, so this month we're gathering memories of mums, grans and great-grans.  Can you spare a moment to tell other mums about someone that mattered to you in this month's activity, In Mumorium

Some months back, I wrote about Loz, my inspiring friend and a young mother of two. Today, I shared a poem I wrote for the funeral of Ginty, my sunset-chasing open-minded gran. You might write about a relative or a friend. There's no need to write an epic, or to sum up everything she was to you. Just share a moment, a story, or a phrase. Don't think too hard, just jump in and write a sentence or two.

For a bit of inspiration, check out my latest blog about mothers' legacies. That wrinkled great-granny of mine, who I can only remember watching cable TV in Canada, gave me a suffragette badge. She gave me the voice I have today as a woman and a mother. Use your voice. 

I've also started a 30 Day Mom Challenge, along with other mums on twitter this week. If you'd like to play along, we would love to have you. You don't have to share anything in public, you can do it in your own time (though if you'd like to share, you could comment on my posts, I'd love to know how it's going). Each day brings a new challenge - some more challenging than others. Yesterday, I had to ask my children one thing they would like to do with me this month, and then do it (naturally it was a gigantic game of space station adventures, which was fun). Today's challenge is to go a whole day without yelling at them, so we'll see how that goes!

Our last bit of exciting news is that we had our first evening storyofmum get-together in Penzance last month. It was lovely - wine, posh chocolates, cakes and good company - 13 mums out at night, without their children, getting creative. We made fridge magnets, made new friends, and made each other laugh. Sadly, our laminator broke down mid-magnet-make, but we just had another chocolate. We're definitely doing it again. If you made a fridge magnet last month, and haven't loaded it up yet, do it now, and help us fill that fridge. If you'd like to host a storyofmum get-together where you live, we'd love to help.

Wishing you all the best for November and strength for remembering. We look forward to hearing about the mums that mattered to you, and perhaps sharing a challenge or two.

Pippa and Penny