Cartoon Mum

Sometimes I catch myself saying or doing something ridiculous (only sometimes...??) and feel like I'm starring in my very own Bad Cartoon Mum comic-strip.

So naturally I thought it would be fun for us to doodle one or more of those moments and share it with each other here... Stick people and speech bubbles are encouraged. Artistic skills not required. One picture is fine, or tell us a story with a few, whatever you fancy!

For some fabulous cartoon mama inspiration, visit Jo Sandelson at Heir Raising, Sketchy Muma, and the legendary Amber Dusick at Illustrated with Crappy Pictures... (You might like Doodlemum too as she's ace, although they're more sketches than cartoons)

Join us for our #somum Make Date on twitter on Wednesday 15 July (the THIRD weds of the month instead of the usual second) from 8.30pm to 10pm BST to doodle together and share our cartoon parenting moments.

Double click on an image below to pause and see it full size - and we can't wait to see yours!