Can mums change the world?

I'd love your help...

Can mums change the world? Can we step into our power? I mean, honestly, how on earth can we find the time? Amongst the growing of a family, and the running of a household, and the making of a living, and the messing up and trying again and messing up some more? Amongst the constant busyness of our heads?

It makes it so hard it's almost impossible to imagine, but I still wonder... what would our world be like if you and I and our mothers and our grandmothers and our mama friends were in charge? As mothers, we are incredibly powerful - we have created people. But I don't often feel powerful. Or feel that anything I do can really change the world.

Instead, the latest tummy-flattening invention or set of mothering 'rules' or celebrity nonsense keeps me worried about whether I'm doing it right, and saps the little time and energy I might otherwise have had for facing the bigger problems out there. I just wrote a post about that: Powerful Mothers: on body distraction and changing the world, and I would love to know what you think - is it just me?

But ever optimistic, this month, we're going to try and take a tiny step towards a world where mothers' voices are heard loud and strong, spreading a little bit of our mama magic to the rest of the world - will you join us? We're focusing on Mama Activism, and taking part in #imapiece, a fabulous idea from the Craftivist Collective to draw attention to Save the Children's campaign to end world poverty

What's #imapiece? We're sewing world-changing messages onto fabric jigsaw pieces to become part of one giant jigsaw that links us all together and shows that we care and we're not afraid to sew it. Mums, dads, children, anyone can have a go. Join in here. 

Joining in will take a little longer than signing a petition, but less time than going on a march. You don't need a whistle or a drum. You can stay dry and warm. And it will be fun, and creative and weirdly relaxing... My jigsaw piece is a right bodge-job, but I really enjoyed making it, and finally came to understand that thimbles have a genuinely practical use beyond being lined up on elderly relatives' mantlepieces. 

We'll also be featuring guest posts from mums making a difference to the world, sharing their causes and passions. If you've got a cause you'd like to share, we'd love to hear about it - email me for a guest post slot, and join our next #somum Make Date to spread the word.

What happened last month?

Ooh, I'm so thrilled that our first ever ebook How to be a Gold Star Mama made so many of you feel good! It had lots and lots of reads and fabulous feedback, thank you so much.

 As an experiment to see if we can generate enough cash to fund the hosting costs of story of mum, you can now buy it for the bargain price of £1.49.

This version includes three printable greetings cards too - including one especially for new mums if you fancy sending an original mum's reward chart card... 

Buy it for you or a friend here.

January was all about taking compliments. We made some gorgeous compliments boxes. I even made my very first video guide to go with the instructions (with the camera pointed at the one bit of the house that isn't complete chaos...) Fortunately, hardly anyone watched it.

We talked about the challenges of giving and receiving compliments at an especially inspiring #somum Make Date - read the highlights here. And Kat Pearce shared a lovely post on how she feels about compliments.

In other news, we encouraged pregnant mums to be photographed on Porthcurno beach for a global art project, and persuaded ten brave mama souls to sign up for an experiment in play and possibility with Hopeful World - kind of like having ten minutes of a shared Make Date every day! We'll let you know the results of both of these soon...

What's up next?

Join us in making #imapiece pieces and talking about how mums can change the world at our next #somum Make Date on Wednesday 13 February from 8.30 - 10pm on twitter (check the time in your timezone here). You could even win an inspiring pack of craftivism goodies from our kind friends at the Craftivist Collective!

Let's make stuff together. Let's make a difference together. And let's take a step towards a world where the influence of mothers goes far, far, beyond our own community.

With love,

Pippa and Penny