Book of Mum

You probably don’t have time to write a book about your mothering journey right now, but you can make the front cover! Collage it, print it, doodle it, paint it, draw it, type it. Give it a title. Most importantly, be the author. 


Can you capture your mothering story in just 5-10 words? It doesn't have to say everything about your story (that would be impossible of course), just capture your story at this moment. That's your book title.

Imagine your book is complete. All the hard work is done, you've learnt your most important lessons about mothering, and all your experiences so far have made you an expert in your field. You're the Mastermind specialist in your personal mothering journey.

We're all excited to turn the pages and read what you have to say. All you need to do now is design the book cover.

You can doodle the first thing that comes into your head, or search through magazines, old books and piles of paper or material for inspiration - make a collage, paint a picture, draw something, or if you're really stuck, just type us out the words in your favourite font. Whatever feels right to you. This is your book.

Huge thanks go to Hopeful World and both The Story of You and (Heart) My Art for the spark of inspiration, along with Colleen Attara and her wonderful adapted books, and all of you wonderful publishers of mothering stories that make it all look so possible (that's you Suzi Banks Baum, Teika Bellamy, Angie Stevens, Proshanti, Amber Haines and more....).

And this is a brilliant activity to do alongside your kids. While I made mine, my 5 year old son made his own book "The Octonauts and the Big Smell" (toilets were involved) and my 2 year old daughter happily stuck bits of paper together to make a lion-kitten. Here are their stories:


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