Big up the bad mummies

Are you a bad mummy? I am. I’m a good mummy too, but for now let’s wallow in our failures…
Photograph Your Chaos is one of story of mum’s most popular pages. Eleven brave mums have sent in pictures so far, but almost 150 times that many have viewed them. We want to see other people’s mess. Why? I wonder if we want to be reassured that we are all imperfect. We can’t do everything. We don’t have to do everything. We can be bad mummies and still be good mummies.
Well, this month’s activity was suggested by Tracey, one of the lovely mums who signed up to story of mum in 2011. For Bad Mummy, we want you to share a moment from a really crap day, one of your worst, from a point when you felt miserable, lonely, mean or useless. What made you feel like a bad mummy and how did you move forward? You don’t have to write beautifully, or get your grammar or your words right, just write. Share it so that other mums, having a bad day, can see they’re not alone. They’re not a bad mummy, they’re just a mummy, and being a mummy, and a granny, can be hard. And as Tori shared on her fridge magnet, it will pass.
You can read more about Tracey’s idea in Good Mummy, Bad Mummy or head straight to the Bad Mummy page to share your story. You can add your own picture toPhotograph Your Chaos. We’d also love to hear your ideas for other activities for the site. So if you have an idea, or even just a germ of an idea, or indeed have a germ of a messy chaotic idea, even better - do email us.
In the meantime, don’t miss our guest post from the wonderful Nathalie at EasyPeasyKids about motherhood and creativity. I’ve blogged about languagelove, and how my phone addiction doesn't make me a bad mum. We’ve also had a great story of mum get-together making cookies, and are already getting quite excited at the thought of having a first birthday party in April...

If you haven't made yourself a fortune cookie yet, you can still give it a go. I forgot to share the blog I wrote last month about the big difference that little treats can make, sohere it is. There are some gorgeous cookies to browse through at Feed your Cookie Mumster and hopefully lots of bad mummies out there are giving themselves goodies as a result.
Good night good mummies everywhere. Keep up the good work, and worry less about the bad.

Pippa and Penny