Best Foot Forward

Which two shoes tell your story? Is it the practical footwear that takes you through the day or do you have a favourite pair of shoes that make you feel like 'you'? 

Slip on one of each and take a photo from above. Click on 'join in' above to share it with us here.

Team Honk bloggers relayCome walk with us in your mismatched shoes! In support of Sports Relief and the wonderful Team Honk on Sunday 12 January 2014, we'll be wearing our mismatched shoes and wobbling from Newlyn Art Gallery to Penzance Train Station...!

We're one of the first stops on Team Honk's bloggers' Lands End to John O'Groats relay route raising money to support charities all around the world. Anyone in two odd shoes is welcome, mums or not! 

You could even donate the price of a pair of socks here if you enjoy showing us your shoes or taking a peek at ours :)

My Best Feet by Kat Sighs

My most fabulous and favourite Kat boots and my funky summery orangy Crocs!

My Best Feet by Pippa

My patent red dancing shoes for a very rare night out, and my puddle-jumping muddy wellies for everyday fun with the kids

My Best Feet by purpleamy

Right foot: gorgeous wedges I wore on my hen-do nearly five years ago (and not much since!)
Left foot: fabulous pink Dr Marten's that my husband bought me for Christmas. Currently the shoe of choice :)

My Best Feet by LoveHelm

I have my black cowboy boots for work, I love them, just a little bit different but perfect for working in a workshop.

As a mum, it's got to be my uggs, I have 5 pairs!!! Comfy for chasing the girls around the park and the zoo.

My Best Feet by Little Knitted Stars

The left one represents me as a mum doing the school run, and also me in my business mode, when I am manning a market stall. The other is when I have the chance to take a little break, glam up and go out!

My Best Feet by Andiepowpow

Wonder Woman converse for comfort & inspiration Vs my walking shoes because I miss my long walks so much

My Best Feet by brittlenails

These are 2 shoes I love the same for different reasons - one for sheer homely comfort and the other for its look-at-me quality! I planned to get married in one but have never gotten round to it. I am so glad I didn't save them.

My Best Feet by mobilampshades

My favourite shoes are my gorgeous Louboutins, definitely pre-mama shoes! My mama shoes are my Converse, flat and comfy, enables me to chase after my active toddler.

My Best Feet by Glitterbug99

All-time favourite pink beauties...London, work, parties...and this summer's staple. On top of the only glitter I saw this Christmas!

My Best Feet by mumturnedmom

Present: My wonderful wellies, worn regularly for the school run...
Past: Gorgeous heels for work, parties, events!