Bad Mummy Bingo

We all have days when we feel like the world's worst mummy. Let's share some of those things that make us feel like a failure, laugh at them, and be reminded that we're normal instead...

Doodle your own bingo card. Fill it with things that make you feel like a bad mummy and share it here.

Tweet us anytime with #badmummybingo to play Bad Mummy Bingo and be Bad-Ass Bad Mummy bingo callers together...


Even though we've made some of ours on the computer, hand-drawn and badly scribbled Bad Mummy Bingo Cards are positively encouraged - the scrappier and bad mummier the better :)

To share your bingo card with us, take a photo of it, click on 'join in' above and upload the image. If you want to add any words too (if your handwriting is really bad mummy bad...) then add them in the text box and they will appear below your image.

My Second Game of Bad Mummy Bingo!
And a bad photographer too!

Drawn on a creased piece of paper, with wonky circles and crazy colours :) I think my very favourite bad mummy moment has to be "can't remember when child last had a shower" Please tell me I'm not alone in this...