For the bad days, words from other mamas

We all have bad days sometimes. And when we do, it helps to hear some words of encouragement from other mothers who have been there...

At our last #somum monthly party in Mamas' Everyday Retreat, we asked mums what they would say to another mama on a bad day (you can join us there any time, just request to join and we'll add you..).

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This is what they said...

It's OK not to be OK. ... it shows you're being human. 

A bad day doesn't make you a bad mum - give yourself a break.

You're doing ok, your kids are great, and you're a kick-ass mum!!

We all have bad days.

Take five minutes.

Lie on the bed and put your legs up the wall and listen to the radio.

You've got this. 

You've survived 100% of your worst days. 

Coffee loving mamas with Story of Mum

Everything is temporary. This too shall pass....

But until then drink tea and have cake.

They are only little.

You are only human.

Today only love.

This will pass and positive energy will come back.

....In the meantime, what small action will help?

Look after yourself mama, you are precious. 

And you are enough, just as you are, mistakes and all.


What would you tell another mama on a bad day? Help another mother by sharing your words in the comments below - and bookmark this page for your next bad day!


We are!

So true - and it helps to be reminded of that!

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