Are you an embarrassing mum?

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What's up this month?

Have you embarrassed your kids yet? Really embarrassed them...?  I'm constantly doing embarrassing things, but mine are young enough to find that entertaining. I can certainly remember being embarrassed by my mum as a teenager! This month's shared activity is a writing project (of course feel free to share any incriminating photo evidence if you have it!). We'd love you to share an Embarrassing Mum story - when have you enjoyed embarrassing your kids and how? Do you have a memory of your own mum's behaviour that left you red-faced? It can be a couple of sentences or a full length epic. Join in here.

This month we'll be letting our shame out of the closet together to see if it shrinks in the light (it will) on the blog too, talking about Mum Shame. What are you most ashamed of: A messy house? Being late? Your body? A bad decision? A relationship or parenting choice you've made? If you'd like to guest post, we'd love to have you - just email us back. 

What happened in February? 

We've had an amazing month of posts on Mama Activism, and great fun attempting to make badly sewn #imapiece pieces (I found mine again, just in the nick of time!). We still have more amazing posts to come from Hayley at Downs Side Up, Myfi at Earth Mama Times and Tara at Parenting Geek, so look out for those in the next few days. (note: you can find Hayley's post here, and Myfi's here, Tara's coming soon...!)

Sarah Corbett wrote about love and the #imapiece project, a digital postcard showcased #TeamHONK's amazing mama activism in GhanaKat Pearce saw the value in healing your own patch, and this sentiment was echoed in Charlie Plunkett's post about making a difference with micro-movements

Chelsea at Ms Mummy of Two explored the challenges of combining motherhood and activism, while Lucy Aitkenread talked about parenting being a spot for social justice and world change in itself, and Lisa Hassan Scott explored how her understanding of activism shifted once she became a mother: always an activist at heart.

Teika Bellamy of Mothers Milk Books shared what empowerment means to her as a mother, and Jenelle of TrashN2Tees inspired us with her questions about how we measure making a difference. Go and have a read if you missed any, it's inspiring stuff

We had another wonderful #somum Make Date - you can catch up on all the gossip here. Our next Make Date on twitter will be on Wednesday 13 March from 8.30pm - 10pm (find what time this is in your timezone here). We'll be talking about dumping the shame, and of course, making something embarrassing... See you there!

March is also Mothers' Day in the UK - so I've pulled together a selection of five frugal homemade gifts you can make in 20 minutes, (all inspired by story of mum activities!) guaranteed to make mums feel brilliant any day of the year. If all fails, make yourself one.

We always love to hear from you, so if you have any ideas or questions, don't be embarrassed, please get in touch!

With much love to you, you beautiful brave mama!! 

Pippa and Penny