Mama Me-Time Tokens

Mame Me-Time TokensMake yourself a token to encourage you to take precious time for YOU.

Sometimes it can feel so hard to take time for ourselves as parents. And yet even 5 minutes can give us the energy and strength we need to be the very best mamas we can be.

You deserve it. You need it.

So make yourself a token, share it here to inspire us (click on 'join in' to share your photo) and then update us with a photo to show us that you are cashing your token in! 

PS Tokens are valid for use over and over and over again...

PPS This activity was inspired by these beautful permission tickets over at Artsyville and reminds us of Feed Your Cookie Mumster...

Come and join us at our next #somum Make Date on Weds 11 Feb on twitter to make them together. And... each day you share a me-time token in this gallery, you can get extra entries into our competition to win a Mama Me-Time Treat Kit - find out more over here.