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We all have bad days sometimes. And when we do, it helps to hear some words of encouragement from other mothers who have been there...

At our last #somum monthly party in Mamas' Everyday Retreat , we asked mums what they would say to another mama on a bad day (you can join us there any time, just request to join and we'll add you..).

Join our next Sunday Morning Mamas' Retreat on 21 May and spend some precious mama me-time letting go of the guilt, being reassured that you're not alone, and reconnecting with what you most need to feel resilient and positive.

Welcome back to our second post full of ideas for one minute activities to help you towards being a chilled-out, capable, mama me-time loving mama.

Yes, this is a list for when you can't work out how on earth to fit any me-time into your busy mama life.

For when you feel like y our 'to do' list is more important than you are.

For when you feel that whatever you do, ...

As a mama, it can be incredibly hard to find a moment of time for yourself. Sometimes the bathroom is the only place you can be alone.

(And even there, you often find yourself with unexpected company…)

You know that more me-time would probably be good for you, but you can't work out how on earth to fit it in.

And when you think about stopping for a moment, that mean ...