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Recent instagrams

Beauty of a morning. So good to be home, watching the Scillonian sail, and seagulls dive (especially enjoyable when not carrying anything they might be tempted to steal...), and the sun glinting off the sea - and best of all, this morning's walk was accompanied by the sound of one of the golowan band playing a penny whistle - can you hear it in my 'story' above? #storyofmum #goodmorning #welcomehome #lovewhereyoulive #lovepenzance #lovecornwall #scillonian #cornwall #penzance Another photo of our Scottish adventures: this was the PJ day when the kids were persuaded away from the sofa and ended up doing a hike in their PJs because we had enough chocolate eggs and iced gems to bribe them with, and we kept discovering cool things like root caves to climb in on the way up... :) the extra PJ layer turned out to be really handy when one of them fell in the stream and was able to wear half the other's clothing home... #backtomyroots #roots #storyofmum #arran #scotland #PJday Simply the most wonderful photo of my beautiful mum and dad, my free range kids, the much loved cottage full of family history, happy and together in one of my most precious places in the world. #arran #family #generationsoflove #heritage #storyofmum #joy Goodbye Arran. we've had such a lovely holiday, and now, arriving back home, are completely shattered. Planning to rely heavily on fish fingers, telly, coffee and sugar for the rest of the day... am hoping that I will at some point remember where I hid my computer before we left...! #storyofmum #scotland #arran #ferry #adventure Not my best cinematographic work, but it's a RED SQUIRREL!! Eating nuts. By the sea. What more could you want...? Hope it brings a big smile to your face, it certainly did for me and the kids who are now apparently expert on red squirrels, red deer and all manner of tits and chaffinches ;) #redsquirrel #instafilm #littlefierceones #livelifeoutside #arran #naturelearning #storyofmum I made this little heart out of fallen camellia in the garden while thinking about Ginty, my gran whose cottage we've been staying in this week. Each morning I've been remaking it again, after it's been snuffled in the night by badgers, squirrels or wind...! A lovely quiet moment of listening to the birds and thinking how lucky I am to have had such a lovely gran, great gran and great auntie who still feel like they are here in this beautiful place. #storyofmum #heart #nature #art #natureart #remembrance #heritage