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...even when that feels completely impossible

27 to 31 March

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Something tells me the kids didn't actually make me this BIB...! Think it's the best I've ever had (thanks hubs!) Lucky me, working in bed with this loveliness served up on a tray: almost perfect. Sending love to you all this Mothers Day, especially those of you who for whom this day brings sadness too. Make the most of the treats if and when they come (and if they don't nab yourself a place on our Sofa Retreat starting tomorrow to make up for it: link in profile.) You are awesome every day. #happymothersday #breakfastinbed #storyofmum #mamaseverydayretreat #sofaretreat I remember feeling this love and companionship with my brother. What a gift: this laughter, rolling down the hill into rabbit poo together, deceiving each other in blind man's buff, and deciding that neither of us is prepared to eat the lunch that mummy is offering... solidarity of the most powerful kind. I might be the outsider at times, and of course there are lots of spats between them too - but these moments are golden. And I feel lucky to see them. #siblings #sunshine #family #love Mothers Day is lovely, but it's just one day. One day of appreciation for all that we do. One day of allowing ourselves to rest and be treated. One day of putting our own needs on the table.
And we need more than one day to celebrate doing one of the most important jobs in the world, day in day out. 
We need to learn how to make time for ourselves every day, minute by minute. We need to remember to appreciate ourselves when others forget. We need to gift ourselves with time and rest and treats and precious peace and joy.
We need connection with other mums who know how hard it really is, every day: how difficult and beautiful and self-taught and exhausting and unsupported it can be to be a mother. 
Join us from Monday for our annual Sofa Retreat. It's only £15 including a live online party, daily inspiration, and chances to win amazing Bad Mummy Bingo prizes - and all that money goes to Save the Children, Womankind Worldwide and Story of Mum's social enterprise activities.
So in joining us, you'll be helping many more mums than 'just' the one taking part. 
Please join us or give a place as a Mothers' Day gift to mama you love and appreciate every single day: (link in profile) #mothersday #storyofmum #sofaretreat #storyofmum5 #mamaseverydayretreat #mamasretreat We'll be doodling honest (and possibly inappropriate!) Mother's Day cards at our #somum Party in our Facebook group: Mamas' Everyday Retreat from 8.30-9.30pm UK time tonight - join us, all welcome! No doodling skills required if you don't like that sort of thing, as I've just been amusing myself by making these lovely cheesy templates for you to fill in the blanks. We'll be talking about what we *really* want for Mother's Day, and giving away places at our Sofa Retreat that starts next week (link in profile) #storyofmum #storyofmum5 #mamaseverydayretreat #mamasretreat Somehow, quietly, magically, unexpectedly, this stage of my life has arrived: I am sitting quietly in the sunshine as my kids entertain themselves happily, and relatively safely, in the park. I'm listening to birdsong, and feeling the early spring sun on my face, and it's peaceful. Only very occasionally, I'm called by a child in need from hanging bars, or because they urgently need to tell me a very important Pokemon fact. And right now, parenting feels doable: a gift, untangled and fresh and changing. I know it will be mayhem in a minute when I try to get them to leave, but right now, this moment: heaven. #storyofmum #storyofmum5 #mamaseverydayretreat Nice spot for a little sunbathe, seagull. That's inspired me to sit on my front step with a cuppa under a slice of blue sky, for a little bit of mama me-time before the kids come back from school. #seagull #lamp #storyofmum #storyofmum5 #sofaretreat #mamaseverydayretreat