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A rainbow made from beach rope recaptured here for #BlueMondayRainbow #capturingcolour #rainbow #beachclean #creativekids #playoutside #play #recycle #beach #storyofmum Late night giant owl ear muff for our #violet (sort of) #pink contribution to #bluemondayrainbow - apparently aiming to keep more than just her ears warm! #owl #earmuffs #storyofmum I made it the sea!!! Well enough to be driven to Marazion to spot a seal close to shore and be entertained by this gorgeous chap , I almost laughed myself off the wall :) Feel so much better for the wind on my toes! #son #escape #sea #storyofmum #recovery For #bluemondayrainbow, I found some #purple as I looked through the photos of the day of my operation this week. This is the room in which I waited nervously, changed behind curtains into my hospital robe, £1 slippers and dressing gown. It was my view as I was greeted personally and calmly by the smiley-eyed blonde nurse who would check on me regularly, then the soothing Hungarian anaesthetist who told me I would have a really good sleep, and was patiently taught how to use crutches to go up and down stairs by the two friendly physios. Where I overheard conversations through curtains and filled in forms and tried to distract myself with music and my @leonie_dawson workbook. I returned to this purple view (now with another patient in it) after my operation to recover, and was brought a pot of tea and toast and biscuits by the lovely nurse, and I dozed, and kept getting my seat controls in a muddle, and had a different crutches lesson (with less weight bearing) from another younger physio, and a reassuring visit from my surgeon to tell me it all went well. And all the time, I sat in a comfortable purple chair just like this one. I wonder why they chose purple - was it for its soothing qualities? Does purple inspire recovery, or peace, or healing, or kindness and compassion? Whatever it was, it worked. #purple #operation #place #chair #stilllife #storyofmum #ilovetheNHS #hospital #savethenhs I'm missing my sea. Looking through old photos and going to share an old sea photo for every day I don't get to see it for real. This one made me laugh, I have no idea what he's pointing at - any suggestions?? #sea #goodmorning #blue #sky #capturingcolour #bluemondayrainbow #point #lookoverthere #storyofmum As I'm stuck in bed feeling sorry for myself, I thought I'd look through my old non-instagrammed photos and share a pic or two of lovely things and especially the great outdoors - this is one from an Autumn visit to the orchards at Godolphin last year to join in with #bluemondayrainbow. Can you spot the cooking apple one of the kids enthusiastically 'tested' and quickly put back...?! #basket #apples #capturingcolour #green #storyofmum