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Magic windmill spotting @tremenheeresculpturegardens after stonkingly good roast dinner lunch @tremenheerekitchen - as requested by me as reward for excellent operation recovery and fantastic parenting (well the toffee apple bit anyway, I'm milking that...), naturally. With lovely friends like @kari_herbert. Almost made up for the need to return home for the regular Sunday night nit check and all the protests that usually accompany that... #storyofmum #sunday #windmill #artoutside #lovecornwall We made our first ever toffee apples and by some miracle they actually worked! I am now cashing in all my good mum points and going out for Sunday lunch and a walk and then letting everyone watch tv all day.

But first, I need to survive the kids sugar rush meltdown fighting shouting chaos ... and they've barely had a few bites of their apples - I think it was all the spoon licking and toffee lump testing that came before... In related news, i have no idea how anyone could actually eat a whole toffee apple, they take forever to even crack a bite out, and oh my goodness it's tasty toffee but so sickly and you spend twice as much time picking it out of your teeth... #toffeeapples #autumn #storyofmum #cookingwithkids I've so missed getting in the sea these last few days, and today it was all a bit choppy and scary and  I was sad that it didn't look like it would happen again.... But instead we took advantage of the autumn extension to @jubileepool's opening hours and I got to be one of the first in the most beautiful outdoor pool in the world this morning while little one chatted to the lovely lifeguard and tried to make her mind up if she was going to come in too... There were little wind-waves slapping me in the mouth and it was cold, but not that cold. It was delicious and refreshing and sunny and the gulls wheeled and the church bells rang and I felt my foot stretch and my neck relax and hooray I'm back! My husband said I looked so happy and beautiful when I came out of the water (and he's not a big compliments man...). The little pool is colder than the big pool at the moment so that was closed but the rest is open and heaven - go if you can! 
#lovepenzance #storyofmum #jubileepool #outdoorswim She's thinking of setting up a braiding business, and I am her first hair model... Got to start somewhere! 
Oh my I had some admiring glances on the way home from @jubileepoolcafe... at least that's how I chose to interpret them.... And yay! Got back in the water at @jubileepool today: soooo good. And salt water makes your hair much more amenable to this kind of braiding apparently... #storyofmum #creativekids #newhair My coffee kind of captured my mood this morning... #urg #monkeybrain #coffee #goodmorning #storyofmum Sometimes only a jammy dodger snuck into the emergency food shop can get everyone home through the mizzle of a long walk on a grey day - especially those whose legs and fuse grow shorter as the week grows long... And that's ok. It might even be good parenting. As long as mum gets one too. #storyofmum #longwalkhome #rainyday #jammydodger #emergencybribes