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Recent instagrams

This is my #yearofcolour based on my Instagram posts - each circle shows the main colour of the images and the size of the circle shows how popular that image was. I'm actually really surprised because I thought with all my photos of the sea, there would be more blue! Pretty though. 
#storyofmum #instaapps #orangesea #capturingcolour Even the grey days have beauty in them. 
Magic playtime at Porthcurno yesterday, with that tempting sea calling to me (apart from it actually looking completely terrifying there...!!) and today I finally got in the water again, yay! In a very nice calm cold sea. 
I didn't last long, but it felt as joyful and thrilling and free as this looks. 
What did you do to feel joy today?

Wishing you a little piece of magic every day, especially on the grey ones. ❤️ #storyofmum #freedom #joy #greydays Don't stop climbing ❤️ #storyofmum #thisgirlcan #climber As you'll see in insta stories, we have been attempting to bake a cake. It is now cooling... but this is clearly the best bit...!! #cookingwithkids #storyofmum #lickthebowl Beetroot love. I tried to capture the various stages of the yummy beetroot, chickpea, carrot and alfalfa salad and quick cook steak tea I made tonight in my insta stories, (thanks to @riverford) in case you want some fresh family meal ideas.

Miraculously, it was easy and tasty and the kids actually ate it!! The kitchen is now purple however... #storyofmum #easyhealthy #familymeals #beetroot #ilovehearts #finditineverything What a sky this morning! 
Watching the clouds and showers roll through with the waves puts me in mind of what seems to be a new and intriguing peri-menopausal phase of my life right now - where great lows and irrational angers can roll in for some pretty intense internal weather, and then pass on again leaving sunshine and bemusement: