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In other super exciting news... Uncle Chips is here (aka my little brother) with lots of his friends for a visit. We all went out for fish and chips last night to celebrate and 6yo wanted to take a photo of us 'chatting' - she did good. They're fascinated by what it's like to be a brother and a sister when you're all grown up (and don't share a room or even live within six hours travel of each other...) Not that we actually managed much 'chatting' with 4 kids to wrangle! Ah well, at least we're In the same town for a bit! #siblings #storyofmum #allgrownup #littlebrother I don't have that many photos of me with the kids because mostly I'm the one taking the photos, but on Sunday afternoon, the hubs took this lovely one. I asked for a hug because I was feeling so tired, and they both rushed over and gave me the most delicious double hug. I'm pretty sure there is no better feeling than a super squishy double hug from your kids. #doublehug #storyofmum For the first time ever, we had a family swim at 6.30am... it's been advised as therapy for hubs back, and as it turns out, it's lovely therapy for my tired mama mind and aching arms too! The kids were so excited to get some rare time with their hard working dad, and to be up early being shushed all the way down our street half dressed, with hardly anyone around! Such a precious treat, and somehow I was completely surprised that the sea early in the morning was no colder than it was yesterday during the hot day...?! I was hardcore and went in in my swimsuit, the boys were in wetsuits, and as the little one wasn't keen on going in, I made her a flask of lime mint tea (her favourite!) and she sat on the beach wrapped in towels and watched. I would love to have stayed in longer, but I just had a quick splash and came back to be with her, watching the sky clear, which was lovely too ❤️#storyofmum #familyadventure #getoutside Funny brave strong vulnerable beautiful mistake-making success-celebrating fear-sharing advice-giving heart-listening mum friends: may we all have them, may we all be them. I don't know how I'd make it through without mine ❤️❤️❤️ #storyofmum #mumfriends #mamametime Precious time with a gorgeous group of mamas in a beautiful new retreat space today: probably one of the best ways you can spend your Sunday morning! It turns out I really needed a mamas' retreat too, so I'm very grateful to this lovely lot for being my excuse to chat and rest and get creative ;) ❤️❤️❤️ (more pics later and our next retreat will be in September!) #mamametime #mamasretreat #storyofmum #mumsareawesome Readying for our Mamas' Retreat... ❤️❤️❤️ #storyofmum #mamasretreat #mamametime (big thanks to @sarahbirduk1 for the cake!)