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For the #magicmakingbusinesscircle instagram scavenger hunt: share someone you admire with your circles... Today, I would like to share five women whose safe spaces and vulnerable authentic courageous work have changed my life for the better in different ways over the past 5 years. 
I am so grateful, and highly recommend them all - follow them, explore their work, join them in a programme if you can: 
@Hannahmarcotti whose Magic Making Circle and many other circles and guidance have transformed the way I see myself and my light so deeply.

@maraglatzel whose ecourse, The Deep Exhale, shifted how I saw rest and self care forever

@brenebrown whose every book, e-course and talk teaches me more about courage and overcoming shame and the power of vulnerability and connection

@blissedbeyondnaptime who introduced me so joyfully to the idea of coaching mothers.

@leonie_dawson, who was my first guide to authenticity and sharing your gifts beautifully in the online space and beyond. 
Also, I want to mention Kristen Neff, who isn't on Instagram but whose work on self compassion has allowed me to practice developing deep kindness for myself in recent years too. 
How very lucky I am, to have shared in the light of these beautiful brave women. I hope you have an opportunity to feel the warmth of their wisdom in your lives too xxx

Whose work inspires you right now? 
#magicmakingcircle #storyofmum #sexyandsanguine #thedeepexhale #bravingthewilderness #selfcompassion Day one of @hannahmarcotti's #magicmakingbusinesscircle Instagram scavenger hunt: thank someone who lifts you up. @kari_herbert: Thankyou for always bringing this much deliciously blurry joy and courageous vulnerability and beauty into my days: the kind of friendship that always makes me feel like I shine brighter, am wiser, and can go further after we meet. Love you (PS I also think you should join in because you would blossom in Magic Making Business Circle and you might even win yourself a place) #friendship #storyofmum #liftup #giggles #laughter Stunning sea this morning as Ophelia makes her way towards us. Warm gusts of heavy air, wild waves, seaspray salting my hair as I walk, and the unnerving sight of Men O War thrown up by the sea all along the low sea walls.  I didn't get in today! Batten down the hatches and keep well back as it's only getting windier as the tide rises. #storyofmum #ophelia #sea Oh the fun that can be had with balloons and hooded jumpers...!This would be the easiest and cheapest Halloween costume ever if the kids could actually see through the balloons instead of crashing into walls... #storyofmum #balloonhead #dressingupisfun Magic in the woods. Or at least little bits of magic in between the terrified crossing of the fast deep woodland stream while carrying other people's children, the panicked chasing of small people suddenly waddling at speed towards danger, the extrication of slightly larger children and their left-behind welly boots from eggy stinky mud swamps (that naturally also involves getting yourself covered in eggy stinky mud), the washing of kids in the river without dropping them in, the fine balance between joyful playing with sticks and accidentally poking them in each other's eyes, the fear of the inevitable plummet from the rope swing and just missing the rocks below, and all the rest of it... But, mostly, nonetheless, magic: amazing cake, remembering to bring my fancy cafetière cup and having coffee from the fire-boiled kettle, kind and generous friends, laughter, sunshine, happy kids, and all these beautiful trees. #storyofmum #getoutside Parenting lessons 13 (previously known as 'holiday lessons' when life was sunny and free): Slime

1. Do not send your child to a fun after school club where they get to make slime because when they get home, they won't stop talking about how they need to make slime again until you give in and agree
even though it involves an immediate trip to the shops in the dark and it's already 7pm on a Friday. 
2. Do not attempt to make homemade slime if you are able to buy ready-made slime anywhere within an 100 mile radius of your house as the cost of the latter will be significantly cheaper than ingredients for the former, even including the price of petrol or public transport for an entire family.
3. Do not let your child take charge of listing the ingredients. If you are foolish enough to do so, do not use a recipe that includes Optrex as it costs £4 for a tiny bottle. And that's just the start...
4. If the recipe calls for shaving foam, do not buy shaving gel instead of shaving foam because it is next to the shaving foam and it is cheaper and you didn't read it properly because you are still in shock at the cost of the Optrex.
5. Should such a mishap occur, do not be persuaded to attempt to make the slime 'anyway'.
6. While making the slime 'anyway', do not waste half an hour of your life and increase the pain in your aching shoulders by stirring the wrong ingredients manically in a bowl with ever increasing intensity in the hope that they will magically turn into slime and you will finally be able to get the kids to bed and open a beer (the one advantage of going to the shops at 7pm on a Friday).
7. In a desperate final attempt to get your kids to bed while they are weeping over the failed slime, do not promise them that you will try again tomorrow with shaving foam instead of gel. If you do so, even the pleasure of your beer will be tinged with dread of the moment when your children jump on you at 6am tomorrow until you get up and go to the shops to buy shaving foam and start all over again.

#holidaylessons #parentinglessons #storyofmum