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Well this was a cold but stunning treat! Good morning to a new day.  Wishing you a good one too 💫

#storyofmum #goodmorning #seatherapy #outdoorswim Remembering this lovely moment from today when my husband took a selfie of us (a rarity in itself, he's not a selfie fan, so that was nice, even if it was just because he wanted to see what his new glasses looked like...!) and a little winter elf ducked down to photobomb us in the background... I thought of the laughter and joy in this photo when I read @pausingbliss's email today about checking in with how we're feeling right now, and how important it is to get into a practice of doing that. 
This simple check in is also a question I love to ask at the start of our mamas' retreats. Because it's good to notice when we're feeling out of sorts, so that we can take action to change that. And when we're feeling good, so that we can understand what really matters to us, and get more of that... The question helped me to remember that delicious feeling of love and laughter bubbling up unexpectedly, along with a little bit of embarrassment... and reminded me of how much joy I have felt today.

So... right now, how am I feeling? My body is feeling tired and warm (wine is helping with both of these, but I'm also full of good cheer from all the day's magic). My head feels a bit fuddled from lots of deep thoughts and stories and adventures this weekend, (and probably that glass of wine!), but it is also very much appreciating the quieter after-the-kids-are-in-bed time. And my spirit feels connected, alive, more joyful for a weekend full of love and magic and imagination.

That may not be how I feel tomorrow, or even in an hour's time, but noticing it now helps me to stay in the present moment and appreciate it.

How about you? How are you feeling right now?

#storyofmum #mapstoourselves Winter Woods: one of the absolute best things about living in Cornwall. Very special Christmas memories were made again there today. 
We so so so so love @rogue_theatre - if you haven't been yet, go go go! 
Because every child (and adult) needs a bit of Rogue magic in their life, especially at Christmas. 
#storyofmum #roguetheatre #winterwoods #christmasmagic #lovecornwall Had a gorgeous Sunday roast dinner @jubileepoolcafe with these beauties to celebrate Granddad's birthday today! I think I have bread and butter pudding coming out of my ears now as there was definitely no room for it anywhere else... yum. 
Luckily we are off to stomp about in the woods with Rogue in the rain now so hopefully that will help... #storyofmum #sundayroast #family #happybirthdaygranddad Happy flying elf 😍

#storyofmum #edenproject I want to believe in this version of myself: the strong plus-size woman, proud in her bikini, striding into a cold sea, courageous, exhilarated and joyful. 
The woman who looks back and sees her husband smiling underneath a rainbow as he takes these pictures of her. Who hears a little bit of pride in his voice as he tells his friends that his nutty wife has gone in the freezing sea again. 
The woman whose smile is wider than that rainbow. Who lights up the room with laughter and love. Who holds others in their truth and helps them move forward.

The woman who can wash off her loud critical inner voice in the salty water, and believe that she is capable of anything, worthy of love and belonging, part of something so much bigger and more amazing all around her. 
Yes, this is me. And yet sometimes, I don't feel like this woman at all. 
And I wonder if people know that about me. If people who see me swimming know that I don't have this courage or confidence all the time. 
That in fact sometimes I doubt myself so deeply it feels impossible that me and this woman are the same person. 
That sometimes I can't love my body. Sometimes the idea of sharing a photo where you can make out my 'imperfections' even from a distance feels too vulnerable to bear. 
Sometimes I feel so afraid, unsure of who I am and what I am here to do for the world. Sometimes I don't want to hold my husband's hand. Sometimes I just sit numb at my computer and cry. 
No one is the strong woman all of the time.

In this photo you don't see that those fears and hard feelings are often the prompts behind my walk into the cold water. Because it helps. It brings me back towards that strong woman when she feels far away.

Sending love to the strong woman in you today, and love to the more vulnerable one. And a reminder that there is always more to a story than what you first see.

#storyofmum #goodmorning #strongwoman #vulnerablewoman #swimawayfromyourinnercritic #castawayselfcriticism #magicmakingbusinesscircle #seatherapy