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I don't know what's bringing me more joy today: my new @peopletreeuk dress or these beautiful and delicious fresh apricots that arrived from @riverford fresh today. They are so good!! Maybe it's the sunshine, and the fact my son is on his way back from camp, or that I just got to watch an adorable musical version of Three Little Pigs from my daughter's class and the children in reception that made my face ache from grinning, or that I got to have lunch with my husband on the beach... whatever it is, I like it. 
Not every day has as many joyful moments as this, especially when there is such pain and loss around us all right now,  and so I'm very grateful. (And if you're worried that it's all sounding a bit too perfect, don't worry I've also been suffering from mama-thigh chafing, grumpy overheating, and sunburn, along with some jealousy at my husband heading off surfing while I had to work. 
Hope you've had some joyful moments in your day, and apricots, too. Xx

#simplepleasures #storyofmum #apricots #newdress #sunshine #joyfulmama Wasn't sure it was a good idea to keep the littlest up late to watch the fireworks to celebrate the Scillonian's 40th birthday, (and tomorrow morning we may well discover that it wasn't a good idea at all...!), but right now, I'm so glad we did - we're missing our big boy but it was magical watching them, just the three of us together, shooting up into the darkening clear sky and then reflected in the deep still mirror of the harbour: a treasured memory for all of us. And a good distraction from big brother's first night away... #scillonian #lovepenzance #lovescilly #storyofmum #latenight #fireworks #penzance I have a lurching high-up feeling as my big boy flies off to his first school camp for three days today. 
I sit by the sea, so calm and impassive in the face of my simple mothers' fear. I wonder how its vastness remains constant in the face of the greater fears of so many others - at the immensity of loss and grief on every shore. 
As I sit here, I am thinking of those parents who sent their kids off to their first independent concert in Manchester, or Paris, or into a desperate boat heading for Greece, or simply to sleep in their own bed in Syria, hoping, trusting, that their children would return to them safely. Because that's what we do, we know we have to let them go, in tiny moments of independence, day by day. Hoping they will return, stronger, more confident, more alive.

And what if they don't?

Sending love out today to all who are afraid and grieving and lost and sad and alone, and wishing the sea could wash that all away for you xxxx At yesterday's Mamas' Retreat, we made emergency mama support kits including @bloomremedies' delicious peppermint and lemongrass foot cream treats (thank you so much Marie!), @yogitea teabags to inspire at least five minutes of mama me-time, chocolate (of course), and a little note of comfort to remind us of our awesomeness on the tough days - we also wrote secret messages for each other's kits too. Then we tied that all up into a cute little pyramid, ready to break into when it all gets too much... Remember, you deserve appreciation and time for you mama - and not just in emergencies xx #storyofmum #mamasretreat #mamaseverydayretreat #mamametime #bloomremedies Post mamas' retreat faces :) It has been a bit of a bonkers weekend of everyone falling ill, and nothing quite turning out as planned, but it really was a pleasure to spend the morning with these beautiful brave bright women today, sharing our stories, getting creative, collaging, making emergency mama survival kits, and indulging in a lot of cake. There isn't much I love more. Thankyou Mamas xx #storyofmum #mamasretreat #mamametime Chocolate and lime cake anyone...? Mmmmmmmm. We had a smaller than usual #mamasretreat today due to illness, and managed a speedy relocation and rethink...well done us! For those who were able to make it, we still had a lovely time, but oh my goodness it seems that there are so many poorly mamas out there right now ☹️Sending love to all of those recovering today, and a vital reminder to make sure you still make time for yourself. On the plus side, at least we really enjoyed their cake for them, I've got plenty left to take home, and we'll see all the poorly mamas and their friends for more mama-nurturing next time! Thanks so much @sarahbirduk1 for another delicious cake xxx #storyofmum #cake #lovecake #lovepenzance #lovemamas #eatcake #recovery #getwellsoon