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Grateful for grandparents. ❤️❤️❤️ I love these two very much, and I feel so lucky that they play such an important part in my children's lives. I just wish they lived here :) I'm also extremely lucky to have lovely in-laws who do live near! 
Having grandparents has made a huge difference to my opportunities as a working mum - I don't use them for childcare so that I can work longer hours, but I do rely on them for the simple secure knowledge that even though my husband's work may take him away unpredictably, I can still commit to new work challenges myself and continue to bring income into my family.

Grandparents mean that I know that if work requires, this very special crew of child wranglers can step in. While that doesn't happen often, that simple knowledge means that I can choose to do a job that requires me to travel away for work once or twice a year or take the occasional out of hours meeting. They can babysit when I need some me-time or a night out with my husband. Without them, all of my options would be much more limited.

I know this freedom isn't available for so many other parents, and that's incredibly hard. If I could share these grandparents with you, I would (in some ways, I do, but sadly not in the most vital Today I used a drill for the first time (can't quite believe it's taken me this long...!) to make a canvas journal with a wooden spine at an inspiring 60 minute taster workshop led by @oliverraymondbarker at @newlynexchange as part of their brilliant #craftschool exhibition. 
I'd been craving some quiet time with my parents (they're mostly occupied by grandparent duties when I see them...) and this was the perfect way to spend some time together as a break from work, with the kids off on an adventure elsewhere.

I loved all the fraying edges and used some of those wayward threads to embroider a little feather on the front. 
The workshop reminded me of how good it feels to have a creative play - and how easily that time for me can get put aside in the summer holiday struggle to fit in work, kiddy fun, family, friends, keeping the house vaguely inhabitable, everyone fed, and of course, sleep... And so this evening, instead of clearing up, or browsing Facebook or watching crap TV after kiddy bedtime, I've started to fill my new little journal with found feathers, experimenting with different (mostly not very successful but enjoyable) ways of sewing them in... here's a taste of the experiment so far!

Somehow it all made me think of you @colleenattara ❤️ and of course #magicmakingcircle 
#storyofmum #feathers #mamametime We are happy and proud to be a family of @rogue_theatre superfans! My mum captured this wonderful photo of my daughter (the biggest Rogue superfan of all) at the heart of their Summer Ball at @heligangardens on Saturday, dancing with her beloved @kyskye4 at the end of the wonderful show. 
Packed with magical hilarious moving colourful stories from the land of Fey, popcorn, dancing, face painting, lost garden adventures, community, joy and cupcake-trees, what more could you want? And for the first time, all performed in the stunning world of Heligan gardens (there are amazing kids activities on here all day too at the moment if you fancy making a day of it). We were extra lucky and on Saturday, Rogue's tales were set against a deep blue sky as the sun set, crossed by the occasional shooting star from the Perseid meteor shower! Because even the heavens appreciate their magic 💫

The Lost Gardens Summer Ball is on at Heligan again from 16-19 August so do go and see it there while you can...! After that, it's an all new show at Tehidy Woods from 23 August so no doubt I'll be celebrating my birthday in the woods again ❤️ #storyofmum #roguetheatre #wildchild #party Holiday lessons 8 - various

1. After a buffet breakfast, it is possible to sustain a family of 4 on water, ice cream and 5 different brands of crisps until 10pm.

2. To pronounce Foz correctly, stick your tongue out halfway.

3. Children are more interested in giant bicarb factories and trying to make each other step in dog poo, than they are in churches, pretty town squares, or shops. Unless the shops sell Pokemon or PJ Mask cards.

4. Card games can delay meltdowns in the long gap between sitting down at a cafe and your food arriving.

5. If you don't have cards, try a Harry Potter quiz. This is labour-intensive so you may prefer to leave them to their own devices; enjoying the freedom that (hopefully) no-one understands what they say. They will enjoy competing to say 'I need a poo' the fastest, and inventing random combinations of round and long things to imply the shape of a penis (i.e. a pencil and two rubbers, a chorizo and two croquettas, a crane and two wrecking balls etc) followed by lengthy hysterical giggles that will attract local attention. This game is interminable, but apparently can be played at any location and at any time of day. It is best not played in a church.

6. Holidays are exhausting. Being a good parent is exhausting. Being a half-decent wife is exhausting. As a result, you will probably spend the last evening of your holiday in the corner of your cabin frantically stuffing your face with a huge bag of Spanish crisps as your children meltdown around you in the wild hope that you will find patience and good humour at the bottom of the crisp bag. You won't. 
7. Fortunately, you will finally find these things when your husband passes you a cocktail; and for a brief blissful moment when the kids are watching cartoons and you sit on the balcony listening to the white noise of the boat engine while pretending to be a Russian oligarch who owns it ALL and is just loaning their boat out to screaming children and holidaymakers as an act of immense generosity.

8. At this point you will question all your life choices. But will decide that on balance, everything is good. 
#storyofmum #holidaylessons Holiday lessons 7: fiestas 
1) There are fiestas EVERYWHERE. Every time you clink a glass in summer in Spain, a fiesta will start somewhere. Be careful what you set in motion. 
2) It is fun and exciting to watch townsfolk gathering for a fiesta (see holiday lessons 4) 
3) You do not need to eat all the churros. You will think it is a good idea at the time, but it is not. 
4) The epic fiesta sound system will sound significantly less romantic when it is still echoing  through your  bathroom plumbing system at 2am. 
5) It is a good idea to check the fiesta status of tourist attractions you wish to visit: if a fiesta is on, parking will challenge your relationship. You will also need to urgently teach your children the phrase