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La Frontera. Reminiscing about our amazing trip to El Hierro this morning, and also getting curious about what it means to sit on a frontier... Frontiers often have risk and ‘the new’ on one side, and the safe and ‘familiar’ on the other. 
And I’m sitting on one of those frontiers right now, looking out at something new that starts tomorrow (our first group coaching programme offered through Story of Mum, I’m all nervous thrilled!) And at more newness beyond that -working on a new group programme exploring the inner critic and self compassion (the more we explore this in Mamas’ Everyday Retreat, the more I can see how valuable it will be for mamas - we are so compassionate to others and often so critical of ourselves...) It’s exciting! And a bit scary. My tummy is all of a flutter as I ready myself to move forward. 
And I know that I also love this feeling - it’s like the moment before I step into the sea. All trust, and courage, and knowing, and almost readiness... And like most borders, it looks a little the same on the other side in some ways, it’s not completely unfamiliar (I’ve coached groups and run group programmes many times before...) but I know that crossing will also take me step by step away from safety and towards the adventure of the new. 
I hope you’ll come visit...! What frontiers are you on right now? What lies behind and what can you see ahead? 
Sending you courage and self compassion to overcome the scary feelings and step into the thrill... #storyofmum #castawayselfcriticism #smallbitesofcourage #courage #newfrontiers #lafrontera Mama magic in a tiny bottle: I’m so excited about our creative activity for Sunday’s Mama’s Retreat (there are now two places available if you’d love to join us - link in profile). This morning I started to collect tiny white feathers in the rain, along with eco-friendly sparkles, and tiny scrolls of handmade paper, all of which we’ll slip inside  tiny glass jars with soft cork stoppers, to make into necklaces. Necklaces that can then sit against our hearts on the days when we need some extra gentle encouragement, reminding us of what matters most, and gently guiding us in that direction like a message in a bottle in the waves... Maybe it’s a dream or a true purpose, a reminder to be kind to ourselves, or words that tell us that we are worthy of love and belonging... what would you put in yours? 
If you’d like to be kinder to yourself, managing those inner critics and self judgement when it comes, with kindness and self compassion, join us in Mamas’ Everyday Retreat tonight for our monthly #somum Retreat Party from 8.30 to 9.30 UK time - as that’s our theme tonight. (If you’re not a member already, use the link in our profile and request to join the Facebook group and we’ll add you)

Sending you love in a tiny bottle today.

#storyofmum #mamasretreat #mamaseverydayretreat #castawayselfcriticism Good morning.  I haven’t possibly got time for that, my to do list is too long, and it’s too cold and I’ve got my period and I went to bed too late last night and the sun’s gone behind a cloud, and I’ll just take my bag and have a look and as soon as I see the other swimmers I know I’ll be going in. And in I went. 
Not for long. But oh my goodness, how is it possible to forget how incredibly awesome it feels afterwards when you’re still in the before?? And in truth, the whole thing only takes half an hour from leaving my house in a grumpy flap with a bag that’s annoying me, to being dressed after a hot shower back at home feeling amazing and capable of magic ❤️ What’s your thing? The thing you need encouragement to do but which, truly, makes you feel awesome afterwards? What can encourage you to do it today...? Sending you some sea and sunlight in case that helps ;) #storyofmum #goodmorning #seaswimming Apparently there were varying levels of interest in Mothers’ Day Mandala Making in the rain...! #storyofmum #naturemandala We’ve had so much fun going back to the Great Gatsby era for a lovely friend’s birthday party this evening, haven’t laughed so much in ages! As an added bonus, the husband looks good in this time zone I reckon ;) Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that even though Espresso Martinis went really well with my outfit, and were very delicious, they really weren’t a good idea if I actually wanted to get any sleep now we’re home...! Ah well, at least it’s Mothers’ Day tomorrow and I’ll hopefully get to catch up on some sleep when all the coffee wears off...
Fingers crossed. Night all!

#storyofmum #greatgatsbyparty #1920sfashion #love Magical day. Father son love ❤️ #storyofmum