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One of my favourite things (and there were a lot of favourite things!) about our amazing holiday in El Hierro and Tenerife was the outdoor pools in incredible salty swimming locations (of course...!!). This was an especially spectacular one that I didn't get a chance to swim in as we'd run out of time, we just got to delight in watching the waves crashing in instead. I'm hoping I will get to swim there if and when we go back one day - it's a pretty awesome incentive! 
Conveniently, it also appears to be situated relatively close to a surf spot so that should keep everyone happy ;) Still basking in the magic of our holiday today as I acclimatise to being home again... slowly.

#storyofmum #sealover #outdoorswimming #poolwithaview #tenerife Palm trees? Well, they're for climbing obviously. Ideally, in a sun hat.

#storyofmum #getoutside #play In the event of drowning, call Bono.

Anyone got a better interpretation?

#storyofmum  #goodadvice #holidaywisdom #notsingingbutdrowning Making the most of our last few minutes... #storyofmum So much magic this week. From sunshine to snow, and volcanoes everywhere... been too busy having awesome adventures to share pics, but more coming soon! #storyofmum #familyadventure #walkingfamily Best view ever for a toilet selfie...?! If only all toilets came with a view..! #storyofmum